The Healing Properties Of The Undervalued Zircon Stone

by Conscious Reminder

The name of Zircon during ancient times was “Hyacinth.” It is probably the most undervalued stone among other sparkling and colorful stones.

It is a very popular crystal because of its colorless effect, because it resembles diamonds really closely, and is utilized in ornamentation and jewelry.

Transparent and clear, the Zircon stone is the natural mineral which is made of pure Zirconium Silicate. Its strong sparks and its intense gleam provide it with magnificent appearances.

Where can we find Zircon?

The crystals with gem-quality are often found as the shingles in specific alluvial deposit. In fact, for more than 2000 years, the country of Sri Lanka was the source of such gem materials, while some other places also included Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Australia, Nigeria, France, and Tanzania.

What are the healing properties of Zircon?

This stone has numerous healing properties, so it becomes a really effective stone when it comes to the wearer too.

Physical healer

The stone has anti-spasmodic effects on our liver or gall bladder. However, the calming effect it has on allergies and asthma is definitely the best and most beneficial property.

The crystal also has beneficial effects on bronchial problems, lung infections, severe colds, or respiratory system related problems. It can also ease any pain, including menstrual pain.

These crystals will alleviate digestive and intestinal issues, which may even be the cause of abdominal body cramps. They stimulate our metabolism or impede water retention which happens in every tissue and blood pressure too. Some diseases like epilepsy, insanity, and fever may be cured using this crystal.

Medically, the colorless Zircon is said to control problems related to our reproductive system, and diabetes. But, the Zircon’s red hue will help us in curing wounds and injuries.

Emotional healer

In fact, healing is said to be something symbolized by this crystal, which helps the one that wears it in healing mental commotion and overcoming losses. It is also said to promote a common sense in the mind of the wearer.

Its yellow shade has the ability to draw our partner’s attention. The green one is said to help the one that wears it in strengthening social engagement and attracting prosperity.  The light blue Zircon is said to enhance strength and stability. This helps in controlling our emotions and avoiding some social outbursts.

However, the Zircon’s most popular color or shade is the brown one, as it helps in easily realizing knowledge.

Balances and heals chakras

This stone is said to stimulate our Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra. Moreover, it is believed to be the spiritual stone which makes us grounded, or simulates the sluggish energy’s movement.

Here are some facts related to Zircon:

It exhibits an extraordinary and interesting quality, and when exposed to the sunlight, the color will intensify, while the shine will dull.

For those that were born in December have this crystal as their birthstone, apart from the Tanzanite and Turquoise.

Usually, people confuse it with the Cubic Zirconia, the inexpensive and synthetic Diamond, therefore mistakenly or intentionally is utilized in diamonds’ place in ornamentation and jewelry.

Also, it is connected with the signs of Aries, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

The metaphysical properties of Zircon:

According to its astrological value, this stone is said to protect our body and mind, and it actually possesses several qualities, and they help us positively.

The Zircon is a quite useful crystal which attracts the vibrations of prosperity, wisdom, confidence, and self-esteem. The feelings of happiness and love are also highly connected with the crystal and are said to stimulate some kind of satisfaction to that who wears it.

Furthermore, this stone is eye-cleaning, usually classified as the special care crystal. It even proves that it is lucky for people with creative minds because it was said that it makes the wearer popular and attractive.

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