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Mercury Is Going Retrograde Again July 7th: Better Take Your Crystals Out

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by Conscious Reminder

Every planet tends to go retrograde, but none of them are as common as Mercury. The communication ruler makes it its personal mission to go into retrograde thrice a year. It then moves across the sky in a casual ‘moonwalk’ for 3 weeks.

It is no surprise that a Mercury retrograde is going to put a lot of things in trouble. Mostly, troubles in communication, in interpersonal relationships are common with Mercury Retrograde.

If the retrograde occurs in Leo, then you better start praying. For every communication can lead to unwarranted consequences, where both parties would get their egos smashed.

The way to move about any Mercury retrograde is to take it slowly. No sudden moves. This retrograde will be no exception.

Mercury gets into retrograde on 7th July, and Chiron, the asteroid found in almost every birth chart, goes into retrograde on the 8th. The asteroid is also referred to as the ‘wounded healer’, especially because it reminds one of their past and painful struggles.

Now, with Chiron in retrograde, most of us would utilize this time to heal their wounds. You should try doing so, too. With the month of July, comes pool parties, and summer flings.

So, why don’t you pack up your swimsuit and head down to the pool with your significant other, and try to let loose? It can be difficult, but there is no point in hiding.

Let the Universe decide what is best for you. For your part, simply make a plan, and hold onto it until you find the retrograde turning direct. Then shoot for the stars.

Also, don’t really take too much stress over this retrograde. With Cancer bringing out the passive form of Mercury, the start might be dangerous, but it will end pretty mildly.

Cancer is a water sign and a Cardinal sign. This means that it heralds new seasons, and also tries to be at the first, in whichever field they are. It isn’t just Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Libra too are cardinal signs and assume the same position.

So, it goes without saying that there would be trouble when you communicate on a professional level, for the competition would be extremely high.

It is at this point, that you should remember to meditate so that you remain cool and calm under duress. Keep your end straight.

Mercury will go direct on 1st August. Until then, remember to protect your secrets, and not pass offhand comments everywhere. Also, if you simply can’t live without gossip, do make sure who you are sending it to.

Be careful during this Retrograde. Best of luck.

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