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18 Traits That Show You Are An Agent Of Transformation For The Human Consciousness

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Have you heard people talk about the “Shift”?

Well, somehow we all have heard about it right after the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Whatever changes are happening around us deserve to be noticed.

Have you observed the following changes around you? Check the list below!

  • Do you feel that you are in this world for some important purpose or you feel that you have some stake in making this world a beautiful place?
  • Do you feel that the world is not in the right position; as if things are not in the right alignment and do you feel that you can solve this?
  • Do you feel that there are random changes happening in your life which are all leading you to help other people around you?
  • Do you think that you have some ideas that can absolutely change the world?
  • Do you feel that you have something in you that can help other people around you?

Well, if you said yes to most of the above, then you are part of the change that is going to happen to Human Consciousness; basically an ‘Agent’ of Human Consciousness; an incarnated soul who is supposed to cause a massive shift in the way Human Consciousness exists.

These are the 18 traits that each agent of transformation for the Human Consciousness has:

  1. They feel that they have a sense of purpose and this purpose is exactly what drives them. It is this purpose that influences all of their actions and this is what defines them in their entirety.
  2. They feel that it is time that they initiate the change that they envision and wish for.
  3. They are aware that there are some key areas that they are interested in and they are invested in working on those areas because they believe that those areas can help the world in some way.
  4. They are extremely empathetic and they know what others feel; thus they know how to handle the people around them.
  5. They wish to lessen the pain of people, animals and even plants. It is their ultimate desire to alleviate everyone’s pain around them.
  6. They do feel lonely because of all the things that they do.
  7. Their creativity is at a high and they follow their passions of art as well.
  8. They are also attached to animals and they communicate with animals in the same way as they do with humans.
  9. Their childhood is usually sad and full of pain, abuse and trauma.
  10. They are attached to nature almost at a spiritual level.
  11. They have a spiritual leaning but that is very different from the orthodox religion. They are different in this aspect.
  12. They love plants and they are sad if they aren’t able to spend time with plants. They need that time to recuperate and feel better.
  13. They are very sensitive and this also makes them anxious and sometimes they can also get into addictions and some disorders.
  14. They are intensely connected with varied cultures and regions as well as languages.
  15. They could also have some brain centered disability as dyslexia, retardation, and autism and they may also be fascinated by people who have intellectual disabilities or mental illness.
  16. They are very amiable and this can also tire them out. They do need solitude to get their power back.
  17. They might have recurring physical illness.
  18. They dream vividly about healing beings around them.

Do you have any of these traits? If yes, then you are truly a person who will cause a major shift in Human Consciousness.

Yes, you are going to make this a wonderful place to live in!

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