Tomorrow’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Will Have A Massive Effect On The Zodiac Signs

by Conscious Reminder

January 2020 starts with a major luminary on the 10th. A Full Moon will undergo an Eclipse in the zodiac of Cancer and the energies will be very intense.

Lunar Eclipses tend to throw us into new and unknown situations but remember that they are for your own good. Your soul journey will be accelerated as the Moon approaches.

As the energies undergo a shift, use them to let go of dead burdens. Let go of what you have outgrown and look forward to new beginnings.


This Full Moon demands you to take a break. You need to relax and rejuvenate. This Moon can sap all your energy and leave you drained if you try to force your way through it. For now, sit back and plan for the coming weeks.


This is a time for deep thought. Don’t go about announcing your intuition unless you have enough evidence to back it. Before you decide to sit for that conversation, go over it yourself and think things through.


You may experience a minor setback in your career during the Full Moon but try to move past it. It won’t be anything worth losing your sleep over so it’s better to keep moving. Making the most of new opportunities may seem difficult now and you may want to give up. But try to give it one last chance. Things may change soon!


With a Full Moon eclipsing in your sign, your emotions are bound to be chaotic. This Moon, try to gather your energy around yourself instead of going in for power struggles. Instead of expressing your emotions to others, which might hurt them, try journaling to organize your thoughts.


Avoid the drama and zone out this Full Moon. You need to keep out of professional and social situations which can escalate into peak drama. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything important. So, go focus and create your Zen.


Have you been neglecting your friends? Or have they been too demanding? Do you need to move on from certain situations? Such hard conversations are waiting for your this Full Moon. Unresolved issues might take an ugly turn if you don’t address them soon. Don’t let go of your well-wishers.


This Full Moon brings both good and bad news for you, Libras! While your professional life is about to receive a boost, your personal life will take a hit for the same reason. This is the time to work on balancing these two. Both are equally important so you need to create boundaries to balance both.


The Moon will influence your emotions and make you feisty. But it’s better not to act under such influence. Forcing your opinions on others won’t help you much so just move on from the negativity. Avoid the drama and take the high road, Scorpios!


You have been worried about your finances for some time now and now the Moon will shine its light on it. This is a great time to create a new financial plan- one which will help you clear your debts and create a stable future. If you still try to avoid this topic, the consequences might be very bitter.


You have traveled some bumpy roads when it comes to love and relationships. But the Full Moon will be kind to you now. A moment of enlightenment awaits you regarding your current relations. You will learn the meaning of true devotion- be it you giving your all or the other person doing it for you.


You have been keeping things inside for too long. This January Moon will encourage you to speak out- express all your frustration and expose the wrongdoings of those around you. You have had enough of unfair dealings and now is the time to let the world know.


This Full Moon seems to bring heartbreak for you, dear Pisceans. While it may seem like things are turning chaotic, have faith that you are moving in the right direction. Just because one relationship did not turn out the way you wanted does not mean the next one will suffer the same. Remember, you have to go through a few trials before finding the perfect one!

Let this January Wolf Moon guide you. The Eclipse added to the mix may turn things intense but hold on. Things will improve as the Moon starts to wane.

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