The Magic Of Having A Whale As Your Spirit Animal

All of us have a spirit animal – a spiritual guide that our soul selects for us. We represent them, or they are our teachers.

Now, we know of many common animals who become spirit guides. Have you ever wondered how it would be like if you had a whale as your spirit animal?

Whales have a lot of ancient wisdom and spiritual potency in them. They have the ability to recharge your inner energy and since family is important for them, they can help you reconnect with your loved ones too.

Whales show you the path towards success.


Whales have a lot of emotional resilience. They dive in the deepest sections of the water and hold themselves together despite all the water pressure. They can hold their breath for more than an hour.

Even in the darkest depths, they will stay resilient. But they also come up to the surface too – it’s their way of releasing the pressure. Like a stress buster. All they require and inspire is immense will power.


Whales are huge but they are very peaceful. They feed on krill and plankton. But if required, whales can hit a boat and capsize it. It has enough strength, and it has enough potential for aggression.

But it chooses peace. Whales are known to help many injured whales and they also help them find food. They even bring new members in their communities through kindness.


Whales live in a society and they tend to be family-oriented. They are tight-knit and do not leave others behind. They have a responsibility towards each other. When whales separate from their family, they run into trouble.

Many of them get beached. Hence, family for them is important. Within their family, they maintain harmony. It’s the people who you call family who will help you find peace and support you in your darkest periods.


Whales have a strange way of communicating that helps them find people from their family. They have unique songs which can be identified by them. Their sonar calls have a significance – they talk about communication and how communication is important for all of us.

When you have a whale as a spirit animal, you will yearn to reconnect with your loved one. Perhaps, your friend has moved away or doesn’t speak to you much – then, you have to communicate. You have to bright a long gap.

Reaching out is really difficult but to reconnect, it is necessary. Whales show that – it’s significant as to how we are so similar to it.

Let us make models out of these whales. Bring balance in our lives by using them as our spirit guides.

Via Soul Travel Rules

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