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Sapiosexuality Is A Thing: Science Says Some People Really Are Attracted To Intelligence

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by Conscious Reminder

Usually when we try to describe a person we find ourselves attracted to, we talk about their physical beauty.

However, a new trend has begun to emerge and now many people identify as ‘sapiosexual’. The term is fast gaining popularity.

An individual is sapiosexual if intelligence is what attracts them to other people.

A journal called Intelligence published a study headed by Gilles Gignac from the University of Western Australia, which proved that it is possible to feel sexual desire for a person because of their superior intelligence.

This study surveyed 383 volunteers by asking them queries based on whether they find intellectual people sexually attractive.

The queries were composed in such a way as to help the volunteers narrow down their answers.

There were also more queries on their general opinion on intelligence and the traits they wish their partners would have.

The results showed that 1-8% of people between the ages of 18-35 are quite likely to be sapiosexual.

Strangely enough, the intelligence of a person does not seem to affect whether they are sapiosexual or not.

The subjects of the study also listed attributes like compassion, uniqueness, and tolerance. Kindness and compassion were the most sought after attributes with intelligence coming in as a close second.

A few subjects were attracted to people with very high IQs but most did not find individuals who were smarter than 99% of the crowd very attractive.

The most desirable were those who were only smarter than 90% of the people.

The study also took into account whether arousal could be caused by an erudite, intelligent discussion or by listening to a person engaging in such a discussion.

It was observed that intelligence is popularly seen as a good characteristic in a partner.

However, the field of study was slightly narrowed because individuals with IQ that are below average were not observed.

So, are you one of those who are more attracted to the mind than to the body? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below!

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