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You May Not Ever Be Good Enough For The Wrong Persons

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we fall in love, we tend to trust the other person completely. We know that we have to improve ourselves, make ourselves good enough for our partner.

But in the process of making ourselves good enough for someone else, we often forget or are blind to look at whether the other person is suitable for us.

That is – will our partner really acknowledge whatever way we try to make ourselves good? The thing is – we are never going to be GOOD ENOUGH for many people.

We tend to forgive our partners for many gross acts, one of the chief being, neglect. We believe that they might be busy or that they have things to do for which they do not get the time to look at you – to acknowledge you.

But if you are with a wrong man or a wrong woman, they will never look at you. The relationship is not meant to be and when you are forcing it to be so, you are just hurting yourself. You are extending your suffering which is not necessary at all.

You invest your everything – mind, soul, and body, for the relationship, only to get half-baked kisses and meaningless I Love Yous.

The responses are enough to make you realize that this is a relationship that is in the balance. It all depends on you to throw it away and start for a new kind of life. Their responses are not suitable for you.

You will not be good enough for people at all. You may require healing too; you may require a quiet time for yourself – but these people will not provide it.

You need love – you deserve it and you need it to be reciprocated in the right way as well. There are many people who think their love is a world and when they give it back, it’s a sort of privilege.

Their entitled behavior is toxic to you. You never asked for this kind of spoiled brat in your life and so, you are facing a problem. A state of constant disturbance.

You may have spent nights and days thinking what is the problem that lies with you. He is not the one for you but your mind is never telling you that. You have conditioned yourself to believe that they are flawless.

It’s not that they are terrible people – it’s just that they have the wrong idea of love. Their ideas don’t suit you. Hence, they make you feel unworthy since your idea of love never matches theirs.

It is hard to leave them. You believe that they have the capacity to change. You think of your comfort level – you are comfortable with them. You have made yourself comfortable with them. You don’t want to fall down again.

However, you are not responsible for the happiness of someone else. You are in a classic grasp of manipulators who make you believe you are their happiness. You start isolating yourself from you and end up caring for your partner more than yourself.

They can be ungrateful but you don’t care about it. You want to stick around them till they change themselves. But every time you force yourself to do so, you are wasting time. You are suffering and taking your suffering up a notch.

So, maybe it’s time to let go. Time is precious – spend it with family or people who care. The right person will come to you in time – you just have to wait for it.

It’s going to be worth it.

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