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How To Perform Twin Flame Energy & Emotional Blocks Clearing

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are our mirror souls. If we ever meet a twin flame, we find ourselves getting reflected through that person – like a mirror.

Every flaw and every strength – we see ourselves completely in the actions and personality of a twin flame. They are like the other half of our soul. And so, a union with a twin flame can mean the forging of a divine bond.

However, we need to bring about a cleansing process to actually achieve any union with our twin flame. We are always exposed to negativity and as we absorb that negativity, it affects who we are.

Negativity can come from many sources – mostly from the past. A childhood trauma, or maybe a terrible previous life may have accumulated negative energy in you.

Energy clearing is nothing but the process of clearing up the emotional and mental blocks that prevent any kind of union with the twin flame.

The blocks distance you – separates you from the spiritual and the emotional bond that we so desire. It stands in the way of achieving that relationship with your true partner, chosen by destiny.

You can use many techniques to clear off this negative energy so that you can finally be together with your twin flame. Of course, many would suggest you go to an expert and they can really guide you the right way.

But at this time, money is precious. So, the best way is to perform a cleansing technique in your own home!

Negative Energy Clearing For Twin Flame Union

If you have the money, then you can go to the expert to clear off this blocked negative energy. You will be sitting in a private session with an experienced and trained guru who will use their expertise to draw out the negative energy from your mind and body.

They will also help you change your perspective, be more aware about yourself and have a bit of control over directing your spiritual well-being. But be careful, not every guru is genuine – so, research well before investing in someone.

In this situation, try to find a friend who has gone through the process and who can support you during this time of need. When you are in a close relationship with someone, it is much easier to open up to them too. And that’s one of the other ways in which you can clear your negative energy.

Talking about your trauma and issues can help you emotionally. Of course, it will only work if you completely trust the other person and they won’t put you down for your issues. The blocks will haunt you all the time – it will keep placing the past in your present and control you from within.

When it’s in the subconscious, you don’t talk about it and it grows darker and more powerful. You try to suppress it, forget it, but you never can – it just stays there, controlling you.

That’s why these blocks will come out strong when you are going through a twin flame energy clearing process. It will be emotional but you have to own it. Healing can be challenging but, in the end, you will come out stronger.

You should always talk about this with your partner – you will see that they will resonate with you and understand what you’re going through. They might have experienced something similar too. As you talk, you slowly draw the negativity out of your body and bring strength to your twin flame relationship.


There are many benefits of the twin flame energy clearing process. You will finally be in the karmic relationship you are destined for. Your obstacles like distance, lack of mental compatibility and age-related issues will disappear.

The more your negative energy gets cleared, the more comfortable you will become to deal with different relationship issues. Distances will no longer be far apart and age will become just a mere number. You will not be concerned about the social pressures placed on you. You know that society is always afraid of a strong relationship.

Finally, you will realize that you are free of any negative blocks. You will feel awakened and energized. Any depression, fatigue or anxiety will go away from your mind and body. You will have more trust in yourself and feel self-empowered. Now, you can raise your vibration levels too.

So, take this journey with a healer or on your own and become empowered. Best of luck.

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