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How To Make The Best Of Today’s Full Moon According To Your Zodiac Signs?

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon will be taking place on 15th August.  It will take place in the air sign, Aquarius. Full Moons are special periods – it is a period of intense emotional turmoil as well as transformation. 

During this period, you might even take the decision of leaving certain friendships or goals which does not align with who you are or what you want. The Full Moon provides you the emotional strength to make a decision and act on it.

Especially now, with the Full Moon in Aquarius, you will find the balance between your leadership skills and working under authority and this balance will help you find the right path.

Now, the Full Moon will affect each sign but if they try, they can make the most of this Full Moon:


The period around the Aquarius Full Moon might make you feel a bit torn between your friends and your significant other. Spending time with either of them is as equally as important for you, however, there may be a chance you will have to choose who you are going to dedicate your full time and attention to.

I believe the best thing to do is to find a balance between the two during this period, and not ‘choose sides’.


Home life and career are tearing you apart from two ends but you need to find the right path in between. You can’t enjoy everything about home while sitting and not working nor can you consume yourself in work so much so that you forget that life exists outside of it.

You are feeling tensed but don’t let all that tension conquer you. Try to find a balance but don’t stick to something stubbornly.


You have to make a choice between whether you wish to follow your passion or do you want to keep your books and learn more about the world. Whatever you do, apply yourself completely in it – that is the only way you can achieve any mastery in anything. Also, keep your goals realistic.


You are emotional and hence, Full Moons have a major effect on you. This moon will highlight your financial side. Now, you can shift your life from only acquiring finances and step into something you always wanted to do. You have a new sense of confidence – use it for your benefit.


Relationship will be your focus. You need to find a right way to make things work between you and your partner such that both of your needs are met. If you find that to be an impossible thing to achieve, then it’s time to go separate ways.


Your health will come under the limelight during this full moon. If you have any health issues, then you don’t have to struggle with it anymore. The Full Moon will illuminate it and now, you can address it. A balance between rest and your routine might help.


The seeds that had been sowed by you in the previous New Moon period will now bear fruits. You can see what you harvest. This can be showing off your creative work to a crowd in an exhibition or your boss recognizing your hard work – whatever be the case, you will get your validation.


Your home environment will get intensified and you might feel like you are a stranger in your own family. You need more space. Don’t worry – things can get resolved if you balance out your work and home life.


You wanted adventure and you are getting it. Let go of your wings and fly away. But always remember to be grounded. Make realistic choices as you fly and then turn back and see the distance you have conquered.


You have set many intentions in the past few months and now, you will see them bearing the fruits. Especially, those financial plans. There might be some fluctuations but you can make small investments. Don’t go for the big ones. Build your personal security at first.


The Full moon is in your sign – so, you might feel like you have reached the heights of your successes. Be proud but also, don’t forget your personal relationships. Balance it out.


The Full Moon is about your spiritual development. You have been growing spiritually for the past few months and now, it will come back in full circle. You will feel a general development in your well-being – so, give yourself all the praise!

Make the most of this Full Moon. Best of luck.

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