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Ever Wondered Why You Continue To Suffer As An Empath?

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Have you tried all types of grounding or protective techniques, as an Empath, and find nothing works? Or have you found you are more negatively affected when spending time around people than you ever have been?

Have you considered the possibility that you may be suffering with leaky aura syndrome?

Most Empaths come to realize they have a leaky aura when they experience near-constant exhaustion, after spending time around people. The grounding and protection techniques, they try, don’t make any difference to how they feel or experience energy, they become overly sensitive and struggle to enjoy life.

Anyone whose auric field is congested, particularly with negative energy, may eventually develop auric permeability. But it is not just negative energy that can cause leaky aura syndrome: the biggest contributors are excessive stress, emotional pain, poor lifestyle choices, bad people, toxic environments and food.

After a lifetime of being Sensitive, and the challenges that go with it, the Empath’s body becomes less resilient (especially evident after the age of thirty). A weakened body weakens the energy field and is a major contributor to leaky aura syndrome.

The auric field is affected by your thoughts, feelings, actions and words. And because of the law of attraction, depending on the way you think and feel will determine what you draw into your life.

If as an Empath you have leaky aura syndrome, and are unaware of it, you have little control over what you attract. You will struggle to protect yourself from the low-level vibrations in your environment; they seep into your energy field even when you work to stop them. You then vibrate at this same frequency, drawing in more of the same.

Even without a leaky aura, Empaths pick up the energy from those they connect with. They will always feel negative or residual energy, inauthenticity, low moods, dark people and bad vibes, but when this energy is experienced in excessive amounts, it is an indicator one has leaky aura syndrome.

The Aura

The human aura emanates around us like a luminous egg-shaped sheath. The vibration of this energetic shield is fine and subtle. It is magnetic and draws in both negative and positive energy.

When you have leaky aura syndrome energy leaks out, and the energy from others seeps in and becomes etched within your auric field.  It is a progressive condition that develops over time. However, once the ill effects are experienced, the aura is often already ruptured.

Another common problem that may trigger the damage is when the aura recedes. Because of their sensitivity, and the way they experience energy, many Empaths develop a receded aura. By experiencing deep hurt and rejection, or if something or someone made them feel unloved or unworthy, it can be a knee-jerk reaction to retract their energy field—like retreating into a shell—as way to prevent themselves from getting hurt again. They may want to be invisible and untouchable. This compelling intention, to be unseen, causes the aura to recede, especially when one’s desire to stay invisible becomes more than a temporary state. When the aura shrinks it destabilizes. Just think about it: when you experience an expansion in your energy field you feel free and empowered. When you are withdrawn or excessively introvert, and your aura has dissipated, you feel broken and weak. A receded aura is prelude to permeability.

Leaky aura is bad news on many levels. The frantic energy mix within the aura, which ensues as a result of absorbing others’ energy, often becomes toxic. And is another reason many Empaths become excessively influenced or drained by certain people. When one has a leaky aura, energies of those in close proximity are pulled in with a magnetic-type force.

One of the biggest indications of having leaky aura syndrome is if you remember a time when you weren’t so badly affected by being in the presence of others. When your aura is torn you take on so much more than you should. Which can affect you physically and mentally.

When healing leaky aura syndrome, we have to uncover where the initial disturbance lies. If it is simply a problem of an energy overload, that made the aura overly porous, then one of the many energy balancing techniques would fix the problem click here and here.  We all know that what re-balances one Empath won’t necessarily work for another, but if you have tried numerous methods, and they make little difference to how you experience energy, or operate as a Sensitive, the weakness will likely be triggered from within the body.

The mind, body and spirit are connected. When one goes out of balance it tends to push the others out too. Uncovering the problem, that caused leaky aura syndrome, takes investigation. Until you address the root cause, it will be difficult to restore your aura to equilibrium, and you will always struggle being around the energy of others and any type of negativity.

Every Empath experiences it differently, but leaky aura syndrome is never a pleasant thing to endure. When suffering, you tend to feel constantly dissatisfied, rundown or out-of-sorts and, until you heal, it is difficult to become empowered as an Empath.

If you want to see more of the symptoms of leaky aura syndrome click here

Because so many Empaths are discovering it is a weakened aura causing many of their difficulties I have released a book on the subject. It is written for the Empath, and is aimed at uncovering the cause and finding a solution to the problem. If you are interested in discovering more about it click here. Otherwise there are many posts on this blog aimed at helping the Empath find balance, and I will continue to write and post articles for Empath empowerment. But just like we cannot learn to swim just by reading about swimming, we cannot find balance without putting into action what we have learnt.

Hope this helps on your Empath Journey.

Until next time.


About the Author: Diane lives in Manchester, UK. She spent the past twenty years researching everything from human anatomy to the law of attraction. She is a qualified colour and crystal therapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and has done in-depth research into diet and nutrition and how it affects Sensitive people.

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