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Why Buddhism Is So Much More Than Just A Religion

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by Conscious Reminder

While most of us do consider Buddhism to be simply a religion, it is not so. It is a way of life, at the least.

Also, religion is simply a faith that is based on a God or something superhuman- something that defies all human conception. Buddhism isn’t that. Not at all.

Buddhists don’t consider Buddha to be a God. He was simply a vessel, someone who walked the walk like a common person and yet gave us a different approach to living life.

Instead of simply being considered as God, he offered us ways through which we could live a life without illusions encroaching upon it.

Although he did show the world and his disciples on how they can get rid of all earthly pleasures, he never wanted anyone to consider him a God.

Unlike other faiths, he never expected anyone to follow him as many others did, or demanded.

All we had to do was listen to his teachings and understand if they moved us from within. If it did, we could follow them. If it didn’t, we could walk away. Simple.

Most monasteries do organize rituals around Buddha. However, they are never as a tribute to Buddha or acted out as worship. It is always as a dedication to Buddha, filled with messages of love, companionship, and respect.

If one were to properly study Buddhism, they would realize that Buddhism has no leaders. Dzongsar Khyentse believes that the Dalai Lama, albeit the leader of the exiled Tibetans and a spiritual leader of many throughout the world, is not the leader of all Buddhists. He is simply an inspiration.

To put it plainly, Buddhism is simply a philosophy of how to live life with the barest of minimums.

Buddhism is a process through which one can understand a lot about other religions, while also not being overly dependent on their Gods.

It teaches one how to be independent and self-aware. It shows us the power of being responsible and taking accountability for our actions.

Buddhism does not talk about an omniscient God, ever-seeing, ever-judging. It introduces no juxtaposition between God and Human. God doesn’t judge because God is not a self-imposed identity. He is everything and everyone.

Buddhism is a philosophy in which one that doesn’t discriminate between people from any religion or walk of life. It simply brings people closer while doing so, makes them open up to the ultimate truth.

For the truth is ever important, and the only thing that matters. And what is the truth, according to Buddhism? That all things are impermanent. Comprehending this truth can be really difficult but then, it does have a valuable lesson to it too.

Buddhism teaches us to be grateful to what we have and to value what is there right now. Because one day, it won’t be there. And if you do not value it now, you will only end up in regrets.

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