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Why Spiritual Awakening Can Cause Relationships To Break Up

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When one partner within a relationship experiences spiritual awakening, a rift can form. Spiritual awakening can greatly enhance your relationship – explained in this article: ‘Why Spirituality is Good for Your Relationship’.

But it can be damaging too. Consider what occurs during spiritual awakening, it’s a shift in consciousness, a new way of thinking. This sudden change can put you out of alignment with your partner.
Spiritual awakening can cause you to view the world in a completely different light. Since birth you’ve been part of an illusion where humanity functions in certain ways, socially, economically, industrially and so on. All the culmination of thousands of years of evolution.
When you awaken, you realize that how things are, is not necessarily how things should be. For example, if money did not exist and all peoples worked for the betterment of humanity and lived interdependently, this might result in the eradication of poverty for the many and extremes of wealth for the few. Children are born and are very impressionable, they grow up and become part of a system that’s taken as the norm. Recognizing facts like these, when your partner does not, can make it a little harder to agree on things.
So, when spiritual awakening causes a shift in the way you think, it also results in changes of behavior. It’s likely you want to lead life a little differently, just how, depends on you as an individual, because spiritual awakening is different for everybody.
You may appreciate the natural and organic things in life more than before. Meaning a change in diet, more attention to eco-friendly living, or a need to be more in tune with nature – perhaps through gardening or breaks in the country.
Your priorities might change, for example, primarily focusing on career might give way to focusing on loved ones. Pets might bring you joy, you may want more children, to adopt or to spend more time with extended family or friends.
You may feel the urge to express yourself creatively, letting energy flow through your blue chakra. Communicating through creative expression brings great satisfaction and nurtures your new found appreciation of beauty.
The world holds more wonderment for you now and your thoughts are less on mass media driven materialistic desires or nebulous entertainment. A craving for knowledge and learning may arise, as well as a need to experience this earthly realm through reading, visiting intriguing places, and perhaps taking courses.
These are just a few of the sweeping changes that might take hold of you during this important time in your life. But if your partner is not going through these changes, or in fact any changes at all, then you could find you have less and less in common.
When you met, you fell in love for number of reasons. Chemistry, physical attraction, complimentary personalities, or similar interests and behaviors. People in relationships always change over time but often they grow and evolve together. In this case, if your partner is not sharing in your spiritual awakening, takes no interest or is even against your new found passion – you may be heading down a rocky road.
Isolation is a common feeling, and distancing. The key is careful communication and openness. Try not to get frustrated with your partner because you can still have a happy relationship together. Try the following:
Explore the extent to which your partner shares in your new beliefs and the knowledge you have gained. Try not to make a scenario of it by sitting down and having a big ‘talk’. Drop into conversations little facts on concepts that you are reading or learning about. Mention how you feel about certain ideas and what small positive changes might occur as a result.

Choice of 3 Responses

1. If you received a positive response from your partner then great, keeping things on this gentle level, it’s possible that over time your partner may take an interest too. It may not matter to them what beliefs you hold and they might accommodate your new ways of thinking.
2. If you received a neutral response or that of disinterest, it may be possible to carry on along your spiritual path and still share other interests with your partner. Don’t expect too much from them, or to be able to share spiritual experiences.
3. If you received a negative response from your partner, for example, they are opposed to the concept of the continuance of life, they think that energy centers are new age hippie nonsense, and they see meditating as a waste of time – then you know for sure that you have your work cut out.
Often times, this is where spiritual awakening causes relationships to break up, because you can no longer be yourself around your partner. Not being able to be yourself is likely to result in resenting your partner over time. Try to communicate further and find some common ground. Gently, see if you can reduce their response from the number 3 ‘negative’ to the number 2 ‘neutral’.
Alternatively you can try to subdue your new found self, but ask yourself if this will work for you. In the end, you know that key milestones in your life are likely to have been marked out for you, by your spirit self, before you were even born – as a means of learning and discovery. Realize that your spiritual awakening is one of those milestones.

You and your partner certainly don’t need to hold the same spiritual beliefs to have a fulfilling and lasting relationship. Ultimately, go forward in love and light, and the take the path in your relationship that intuitively feels right for you.

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