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During Times Of Confusion, God Is Always There To Help You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We always look towards other humans when under duress, but God is always out there for us.

So, why not look up to Him? After all, humans confuse us even more, so we might as well find some direction under God. And as we do, life becomes much easier.

See, it is not going to take place in the span of one single day- nor is it a wand that will simply twirl and voila.

Rather, it would be you taking a tiny step in the right direction, hoping that this would make you independent. It is all in your head, to see if you can find your true destiny.

If you don’t know where you stand regarding someone, this is the perfect time to look for God.

He would give you a sign, probably bring out something in that person that might either attract you or repulse you. But whatever it be, you would find an answer.

If things get delayed unnecessarily, talk to God. He will provide you with answers that will satiate you. You wouldn’t have to live under this illusion that God doesn’t love you or doesn’t care about you.

For, He does. His answers will make you understand that some things will come only when they are required, and desired by you. In fact, talking to God will help you understand the difference between greed and need.

If you can’t find your way, let God guide you. He won’t spoon feed you, but He would definitely assist you in trying to understand which road is perfect.

There would be baby steps, kindlings of hope, and other luminaries that will shine a light in your direction. All you need to do is hold on, not lose hope, and expect God to make things right.

Let this be said- God is not your savior, He is your supervisor. He won’t come and help you every time you are in trouble, but He will definitely give you the tools needed to tackle those problems.

Don’t lose hope, that’s what we tell you, and that’s what He would ask you too. Use the tools He provides, believe in His guidelines, and work towards bettering yourself, and the society around you.

Shortcuts aren’t good. They are delicate and can break at a moment’s notice. But God’s guidance is forever and eternal. He will always help you whenever you find yourself lost, or depressed. All you need to do is believe in Him, and believe that things will go great. Else, use your brains, would you?

Solitude is beautiful when it is with God, because there is no fear or judgment.

There is simply acceptance.

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