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You Need To Understand These Things Before Falling For An Empath

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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths are special people. They have the ability to absorb the energy of another person and try to heal them. Hence, they are often referred to as healers.

Since empaths can take in the energy of different people, they tend to be highly sensitive. They are often exhausted after acquiring such diverse energy. They can be great romantic partners as well.

However, if you are in love with an empath, you need to know a few little things:

1. Alone Time

Empaths are always absorbing some kind of energy. So, at times, they need a few moments alone for themselves. During these moments, they will rid themselves of the confusing energies present within them.

2. Sensitivity

It’s not that we are not sensitive when we are not taking up the emotions of other people. We are sensitive overall and so, if you say something deeply hurtful, we feel it much deeper than you might have meant it to be.

3. Group Settings Can Be Problematic

For empaths, absorbing one person’s energy can be too much to take. So, when more people enter the group, it almost becomes unbearable. It can be quite bewildering.

4. Empaths Love Deeply

Love is important for us – we love intensely. So, when empaths say that they love you, they mean it.

5. Spotting Liars

If someone is lying, we can immediately spot them. While empaths may not always out them, we know that they are not saying the truth.

6. Communication Helps

While we might be sensitive, it does not mean that you should hide the truth from us. Empaths value truth and communication – always say what you feel.

7. Confrontation Problems

Angry confrontations are full of negative energy. We can feel the intense hatred and anger behind every confrontation and so, we try to avoid confrontations as much as we can.

8. Become Depressed

We can get depressed easily. Often, when there are many people around us who radiate their negative vibes, we end up getting depressed and it’s difficult to climb back out of this pit.

9. Venting

We need someone who can listen to us. We need a shoulder on which we can cry. It’s difficult to be an empath and carry everything inside without releasing a part of it.

10. Transforming us

Many people want to transform who we are. Please, don’t. We are not trying to be needy. Our empathic skills are both a blessing and a curse and we acknowledge it as such. Don’t let us get rid of it.

11. Empaths don’t go out

We like to go out but not just to the places with many people in them. Their energies collide with us and make us feel really anxious. We can be fun at times, but sometimes, we should be kept away from largely populated places.

12. Overthinking

Even if we do something wrong, we tend to overemphasize it. Our mind enters into a feeling of overdrive. It is draining and we know it is frustrating for people we are paired with. Just be there as a support. We will recover soon.

Dating empaths can be a bit messy. But support them and they can make your life beautiful!

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