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Jupiter In Aquarius: A Year-long Journey Of Change

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by Conscious Reminder

The planet of abundance and expansion is ready to shift to the airy sign of Aquarius this December.

On the 19th, Jupiter will shift into Aquarius and will stay there for the most part of the next year. It will leave Aquarius on 13th May but will quickly return on 28th July.

Finally, on 28th December 2021, Jupiter will leave Aquarius formally. Let’s see what energies will the planet send us under the influence of this zodiac.

Jupiter In Aquarius: Impact On You

Known as the sign of the future and of change, Aquarius will influence Jupiter and help us focus on the future. To be precise, you will be focusing on the changes that are needed to reach your future goals. Blessed with objectivity, this Jupiter in Aquarius will allow you to dig deep into matters.

Aquarius takes care of matters related to crowds, groups, and friends. While the pandemic made a dent in these sectors, when Jupiter returns to Aquarius, things will change for the better.

Saturn in Aquarius has been a dark phase, but, being one of the science rulers, Aquarius can bring some scientific breakthroughs when Jupiter shifts.

Aquarius dearly cares about causes, and you will probably turn more charitable with Jupiter in Aquarius. Charities for the collective and overall improvement for future generations will be on your agenda come December.

This inventive, independent, and innovative air sign will help us embrace these qualities within us. An environment where we can thrive as our authentic selves is what we will seek. Known as being highly unconventional, kiss goodbye to all social norms while Jupiter is in this sign.

Jupiter In Aquarius Is Vastly Different From Jupiter In Capricorn

Jupiter is not at its best when it sits in Capricorn. The planet of expansion frequently feels restricted under this sign. And since both Pluto and Saturn have been in Capricorn recently, the overall impact has been quite hard for us. 2020 is indeed going down in history as one of the most difficult years, and now you know why!

Free thought and independence attract both Aquarius and Jupiter. In this sign, the planet will finally get some breathing space and bless us with its optimistic energy.

Things To Look Forward To

Two days before Jupiter, Saturn shifts into Aquarius. While both the planets were in Capricorn, they didn’t link up there. Under Aquarius, they are aligning on the 21st at 0 degrees. Saturn will be Aquarius’ guest till 2023, so Saturn and Jupiter have some time to spend together still. Together they will make us focus hard on future plans.

We will be taking steps that will impact us long after these planets leave Aquarius. With 2020 opening our eyes to reality, we are now ready to secure the future. And the new ways in which we move ahead show the impact of Jupiter in Aquarius.

20th January to 20th February, Mercur will be Retrograde in Aquarius. On 14th February, it will link up with Jupiter at 13 degrees. Venus and the Sun also have appointments with Aquarius come 2021, making it a total of 5 planets under this zodiac!

With Jupiter’s expansive energy, the possibilities of the Retrograde are wide. It can either expand on the challenges and difficulties Mercury brings or send its energy towards the positive opportunities we come across during this time. We might even get a do-over to fix some things when Mercury is in Aquarius.

Only two major aspects await Jupiter under Aquarius. One is with Saturn, and the other is with Uranus, who will be in Taurus. On 17th January, Jupiter will be square with Uranus, and there might be some tense energy around. Being the natural ruler of Aquarius, challenges might come our way.

Both Uranus and Jupiter will push for changes and urge us to break down existing norms. The planet of change will make us impatient and force us to make drastic decisions. While impulsiveness is good to bring about positive change, too much of it can hurt our future plans. If you feel too erratic and impatient, connect with the grounding energy of Taurus.

Overall, the long phase of Jupiter in Aquarius is bringing us some more changes in 2021. But for most of it, these changes are going to shape our future in the way we want it to. Are you ready for this exciting ride?

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