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Emotion-Infused Full Moon In Pisces: Is It Time To Let Go?

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by Conscious Reminder

Since Full Moons have this tendency of asking us to leave things the moment they become problematic, we must be sure yourselves that we’re not being forced into making any hasty decisions.

For, we might actually lament later about letting go of things that we shouldn’t have. So, don’t fall into the trap.

Since the sun is shining pretty bright, it would illuminate every part of your being, thereby preventing your inner demons from hiding somewhere.

This Full Moon might actually turn into a time where you will be harvesting what you sowed earlier, during the New Moon.

Full Moons are usually periods when the veils between the factual and the fictional worlds get thinner and thinner. So, you need to be wary of the elements you are letting inside your home.

Banish what you believe to be negative or evil, back to where they came from. And never forget to close all doors after that.

While it might be a good idea to practice some good old exorcism, your protection should be your own priority.

The Full Moon In Decan 3 Pisces

Since this Decan can buckle as wild as a rodeo, it would get pretty hard for you to hold onto anything that requires commitment.

Relationships or career, things might take a hit. Although it does seem to be a pretty toxic environment, apparently this is where artists thrive!

Also, this Decan cares about what others think about it. It won’t let go of any chance of being in the spotlight, even if it means being controversial, or just a rude, loud-mouthed person.

No press is bad press according to them, and this Moon might bring out the brat inside them. You might actually see a lot of important and famous people looking for drama just to be in the limelight.

Fixed Star

When the Moon posits itself in Markab, it usually results in recurring injuries from familial matters. You will have fine health, but you might get small cuts here and there.

What is important here is to note that your devotion and your emotion would be set in stone, with no chance of any deviation from them.

You will be serving the need of the others, through any practical means you can find.

So be careful of your words and action this Full Moon.

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