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Psychology Suggests That These 9 Questions Can Help You Understand Anyone

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by Conscious Reminder

There has been a shift in the way people converse with each other.

From a point where discussions about the day and weather were the norm, it has come to a point where one needs to be philosophical in their approach to life. Or else, you cannot go through life in a satisfying way.

This is where discussions between two friends become deep because they want to know what’s inside the other’s head.

Well, here are 9 questions that can help you understand them better.

1. What About You Is Different Than Others?

This will be an indicator as to what they think about themselves, and the level of self-esteem that they have. It would also give you an idea as to how self-confident and unique they are.

2. Would You Consider Yourself To Be A Criminal If It Was Committed To Feed Your Child?

This will provide a clear divide between what they think is right, and what they think is necessary.

3. If You Have The Ability To Hold A Weighing Scale Over Someone, What Would You Weigh?

This is a perfect question to gauge what someone prioritizes over everything else.

4. If The Two Genders Were Separated On A Planetary Level, What Would Happen To The Two Planets?

This should tell you how stereotypical the person is, and how they think.

5. Would You Knowingly Rip Open An Envelope Which Contains Your Death Date Inside?

This will help you understand one’s ideas about fatalism and how they think about life in general.

6. If You Considered Happiness To Be a Form Of Wealth, Where Would You Be Employed?

This will enable you to get an idea about how happy the person is, and what their true aspirations and dreams are.

7. Do You Have This Constant Feeling Of Déjà Vu, Wherein The Same Day Has Passed A 100 Times?

If they say yes, it means that they don’t have much regard for life. They don’t really like excitement or adventure, yet the dull monotony of life bores them.

8. In The Event of Adultery, Would You Tell Your Partner If They Don’t Know?

This, more than anything, would illuminate their moral compass before you.

9. Would You Decide To Befriend Yourself?

This will help you gauge what they think of themselves. What their fears are, insecurities are, what they consider to be a negative trait about themselves, all would be out before you.

These are some of the many questions that you can ask. Go for it!

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