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Remember That You Are The One Making Your Choices

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Life gets depressing at times, we know. But that doesn’t mean that everything is over. It doesn’t mean that everything that has to happen has no say of yours. You have a choice.

You have the option to turn your life the way you want it to. There are people around you who would gladly help you out. But most importantly, you need to know that you have the choice to get the happiness that you want.

You need to understand that life gets hard, life gets tough, but when one door closes, another door opens. All you need to do is believe in yourself and believe in fate doing good by you. You need to realize that pain is a temporary guest- don’t make it a roommate.

Don’t place yourself in such a situation where you believe that you will never be happy. For you will. Happiness will come by you.

Happiness will reach you and you will forget what sadness looked like. But for that, you need to trust in yourself. You need to listen to your heart and make the choice that seems perfect to you.

One heartbreak shouldn’t define love to you. One heartbreak can’t ever define love. Love is peaceful, it is the cool sea breeze at night. It need not be volcanic- it can be sweet, it can be charming, it can be generous, and it can be homely.

Accept the love that wants you for you. Accept that love which doesn’t put a strain on your sanity. Accept the love that doesn’t make you argue with yourself about being at one.

Accept the love that would do anything for you, but not take responsibility for your happiness. For that is your life, and no one can decide what gives you happiness except you.

Don’t give up. Sing, dance, write, paint, play, cook- do anything that expresses who you are. In a world where people are forever playing a part in a drama, step out.

Place your identity as someone away from the crowd. Place your identity by expressing who you really are, not the illusion that everyone portrays.

You are your own person, and no one can ever silence the voice that comes from you. For, you are always given a choice, a choice to decide what matters to you. And no one other than you can ever decide that.

And lastly, forgive yourself for the mistakes you did when you knew no better. Life changes, we all grow up. No one holds onto the mistakes of youth, for life is all about moving on.

Yet again, you have a choice- to move on or to stay stranded. What do you choose? Remember, you are not perfect, but you are doing the best that you can.

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