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How Will The Pisces Full Moon On Friday 13th Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

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by Conscious Reminder

The last Lunar event of Summer 2019 is here. While the Sun is in the organizational Virgo, the Moon turns to the emotional and dreamy Pisces.

Friction is now in abundance as the Sun tells us to look into our responsibilities but Pisces keeps us detached from reality.

Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars will now make us delusional and lack confidence. But Neptune’s energy could also guide us to heal faster and accelerate our growth.

Let’s see what the Full Moon on the 13th/14th will bring for your zodiac sign:


Whatever the doubts, this Full Moon will shine its light to bring clarity in your life. All your questions, small or big, will have answers now. The Moon also blesses you with heightened intuition. So listen to your inner voice. Unexpected knowledge may come to you so be open to all.


Socializing will take the spotlight for you now. But your conscience is torn between spending time with your friends and following your passions. Virgo season helps us become more organized, so draw up a schedule and stick to it. You’ll be able to balance your life better.


Your career comes into focus of the moonlight. If you have doubts about your job or feel that your work-life balance is not quite healthy, write it down. Mercury, your ruler, is in Virgo so writing your issues down will bring clarity.


All Cancer-borns enjoy being calm and soft-spoken but the Full Moon is here to amplify your expressions and communications. You will now be encouraged to go on that trip you have been postponing or take up a class. The Pisces Moon is here to help you express yourself more boldly!


Money is on your mind now and the Moon is only going to turn your focus sharper. Be it your spending habits or the approval of a loan, the Moon will definitely bring some important information to you regarding your finances. This will help you solidify your footing for the future.


High time you took a break, yeah? Forget about work for a while and take care of your relationships. See if those around you feel appreciated enough. Focus on others’ needs for now. Use your analytical intellect to talk things out with these people.


Virgo has finally managed to get you focused! You will now be working on making positive changes as the Full Moon encourages you to take good care of your soul. You will also be looking into yoga or meditation to increase your vibrations. They will help you heal your body, mind, and soul faster.


The Full Moon in Pisces is here to intensify your feelings. Both Pisces and Scorpio are water signs so brace yourself for the emotional overload. A past lover may be returning. But your emotions will cloud your judgment. Before jumping on the wagon, keep in mind that Neptune will be influencing the Moon. Lack of clarity from Neptune’s presence will result in misjudgments, leading to problems later on.


Lately, you have been exercising great control over your life and enjoying it too. But the Full Moon now will affect your sense of balance and direction. You will struggle with balancing your work and personal life. Use the Virgo’s organizational skills along with your fierce willpower to get over this lunar haze.


You like to be in control of the things around you but the Full Moon is going to play tricks on your discerning powers. Be careful of rumors, they might stress your relationships. Don’t believe everything you hear. Or at least, let the Moon wear off before you make any decisions.


You are not exactly the emotional type but the Full Moon is here to overwhelm you with feelings. You can use this emotional vulnerability to strengthen your emotional intelligence. Remember to set boundaries though. Understand the emotional needs of those around you before unloading all your feelings on them.


The Moon is all set to change your life! Obviously, it will be intense for you because the Moon is in Pisces but Neptune, your ruler, only adds to all the complexities. They are combining their powers to help you understand yourself better. As you go on to question your beliefs, you will gain more wisdom about the self. Use your intuition, for it will guide you in the right direction.

Let’s prepare for this Pisces Full Moon now and enjoy the moonlight!

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