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6 Signs Saying That Your Partner Might Be A Control Freak

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by Conscious Reminder

There will be times in your life when you would wonder what happened to the romance that blossomed a few months back.

You would wonder why it feels so suffocating to be with the same person you envisioned your entire life with. You might also think about leaving that person, and yet being unable to. And most importantly, you would wonder about your freedom, and where it went.

Here are 6 reasons why your partner could very well be a control freak.

Turn You Against Your Loved People

The biggest sign of a control freak is when they ask you to not be with people who mean the world to you. For, the only way they can get complete rein over you is by separating you from everyone you seek comfort from. Not only will they separate you from them, but will actively turn you against them. This will make you hapless against their manipulations.


While reciprocity is important in any relationship, maintaining a scorecard for everything that they did, or any fight that came up is simply wrong. Bringing up things from the past to prove anything can be a mistake that you would do well to get rid of. But, your partner would insist on maintaining a scorecard, which they wouldn’t hesitate to wave before you.

Guilt Trip

Control freaks usually are excellent at putting you through guilt trips. They would manipulate you to make you believe you are the one at fault and the one taking all the wrong decisions. It doesn’t matter if you did, or didn’t. They would simply put you through that guilt, not caring how that affects you.

Makes You Keep Things From Them

This is a huge sign that your partner is a control freak. For, you yourself are afraid of telling things to them- even if it is something as tiny as meeting with a friend after work. You hesitate because they will judge you for even this.


They would simply criticize you for everything that you do. No matter where you stand, no matter what you achieve, they would always find something to criticize about it. While they expect you to be happy in their success, they simply won’t be at yours.


One doesn’t even have to say anything about this. They spy on every aspect of your life because they feel they need to know everything about you. This would mean that they would completely disregard your sense of privacy. It is on you to realize that they are big control freaks who need to know everything that is going with your life

So, do you know anyone with such characteristics?

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