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Listen Carefully Or You Might Hear The Universe Wrong

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Universe sends us many signs and synchronicities. However they are difficult to spot if we are not ready to change our minds and become aware that our lives are much more than what we have been taught so far.

You might think that every time the universe has reached out to you, it is telling you to keep going, that you are exactly where you should be right now, that this is the right situation for you.

But just like with everything else, it’s going to take some time and a few hard lessons before we begin to understand that our interpretations were wrong and the universe’s messages had depths far beyond what we had the ability to comprehend at the time. When this realization comes is when we need to forget all that we had learned so far and begin afresh.

Messages are sent to us in a variety of ways. A particular number or a set of numbers might be repeated over and over again, we might get hit with waves of déjà vu, we might even be able to see the future in our dreams or be subject to visions of all that we are afraid of.

A few letters of the alphabet might keep showing up in all kinds of places, we might feel shivers when we enter a room or hear a particular word, the same person might keep running into us over and over again, or we might get visions that lead us to our futures.

It is easy and convenient to interpret these signs as the universe pointing out the path that will lead us to the things we wish for. But in the midst of these messages waits a shocking surprise that many of us don’t even stop to think about.

There are times when the universe is throwing challenges at us to test our mettle and to see if we have understood what it has tried to teach us. It is not merely working towards showing you the right path. There are times when we need to stop thinking about where the universe is trying to take us and instead return to where we began.

Hence why it is so important to be extremely cautious when deciphering the universe’s communications. We might think that something is the answer when it is actually a fresh question to test our growth and the knowledge accumulated on our journey. It might be the universe offering you a temptation to see if you are still holding on to things that have already happened.

The universe is our teacher but also our examiner. It challenges our intuitive abilities every so often. For example, when you finally reach a point where you’re ready to let go of something from the past, you’ll start noticing all sort of things that remind you of the person or incident you’re trying to forget. All sorts of temptations will come your way which will try to distract you into making the wrong turns.

While attempting to decode the messages of the universe, don’t forget that more than just the visible signs that are easily noticeable, the universe also uses energy as a mode of communication. It vibrates at a certain frequency to get in touch with us. Open up your senses and concentrate so that you can fully comprehend what all these communications actually mean.

We are being pushed to stay attentive to the energies around us so that we may achieve enlightenment. The universe is putting in all this effort so that we may attain our highest purpose and reach our awakening. Such precious assistance will lose all purpose if it is too easy to comprehend.

A lot of effort is going to be necessary if we wish to understand all that the universe is trying to tell us, but in the end, this will develop our intuitive abilities and we will be able to go with our instincts once we are able to access the inherent wisdom that lies within.

Upon reaching this point wherein we are able to completely trust our intuitions, the messages that come our way will be much clearer to us and we will be able to immediately understand their meaning. If they give us a sense of calm and balance, they signify positivity. If they bring disturbance and insecurity, it is the universe telling us to beware because we are not headed in the right direction.

Ignoring these messages or reading them incorrectly will only lead to us seeing them over and over again untill we finally halt and think about why we are seeing the same message. Not being attentive enough will only mean anxiety and worry for us. It is necessary to be aware that the universe can occasionally trick us by convoluting its messages until we are forced to think beyond our perceptions and improve our intuitive abilities.

The irony in our bond with the universe is that in the end, it shows us whatever it is that we are ready, or not ready, to be shown.

Choosing to look away and acting as if our instincts are unable to understand why certain things are happening to us is possible. But we also have the choice of accepting the power that is granted to us and understanding that no one else has the ability to shape our fates. The soon we understand this, the sooner we will be able to live life the way we have always wanted to.

Just remember that we are intricately connected to the universe and it allows its divine power to flow through us in order to make our lives as magnificent as possible. Trust in its power to make us grow and to protect us from all the forces that would wish us harm. All these messages are simply physical manifestations of the wisdom that we inherently possess.

Let us open our hearts and allow the Universe to enter.

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