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November 12th Full Moon In Taurus: Conflict Resolution Is A Great Way To Grow

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon will be in Taurus on November 12th. Since it’s a Full Moon, it is going to be extra powerful. Your emotions are going to be in for a ride during this Full Moon. It can be a downer at times too.

The Full Moon will be at 19 degrees in the constellation Taurus. If you have been slacking in your tasks for fulfilling your dreams, then this moon is going to make you pursue your dreams.

You need motivation and this Taurus Full Moon is all about injecting that motivation in you. There are a few significant planetary aspects that the Full Moon will be going through. Saturn will come in sextile with Neptune. It is a special alignment.

You will come in contact with the magic coming from the spirit world and gain a lot from it. Work hard and try to think of logical solutions to your problems.

If you want to push your limits then you need to get out of the comfort zone. Comfort zones are not areas of growth, they are spots of complacency. Don’t get settled in it.

The Full Moon will be opposite to Mercury which means communication will be a problem. The problem will get a lot worse since Mercury is in Retrograde. However, the Retrograde troubles can be tackled with other aspects like Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn.

Mars will come in sextile with Jupiter which brings fortune to us. While it may not have a direct impact on the Full Moon, it is still an alignment that will shower a bit of luck on all of us.

There are no fixed stars trying to make a conjunction with the Full Moon on November 12th but it is located in the Chinese Lunar Mansion – i.e. a lucky spot.

While communication will be a problem due to the Moon’s location opposite Mercury, the conflict will be more internalized. You will engage in some polarized thinking and your anxiety might rise.

Nationalism and such regressive prejudices may start to rule your world. Due to conflicts, arguments can take place. However, Neptune and Saturn will act as risk reducers. Use the energy of the Taurus Moon to reflect and get inside your own head.

Greatness will be arriving. You should not concern yourself over it. November Full Moon will shed its lucky light on you. You might even get what you want too.

Be grounded and focus your mind on things that you wish to gain. The energies around you will be buzzing soon – start by allowing these energies to work within you.

Let the energies be your friend and guide you through the necessary changes. It’s time to find the right footing for yourself.

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