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Cancer Season Through Dates: Balance & Harmony

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by Conscious Reminder

Cancer Season is coming in fast and it will coincide with the Solstice scheduled on June 20/21. This will make it a very special cosmic event.

This Solstice is going to represent either the shortest or the longest day of this ongoing year based on which hemisphere of the planet it unfolds. Moreover, Solstice time makes the veil between various dimensions very thin that allows us to have better access to unseen worlds.

In addition, Solstice is known to offer an energy grid to the whole world that has an exact frequency. This helps us in creating a potent harmony that can be of great use in ritual work and healing practices. The previous month was definitely challenging due to the Eclipse Season. Nonetheless, Cancer Season will temper the intensity and bring cohesion to the chaos. This time of harmony will bring soothing nourishment for everyone and motivate us to find inner peace.

20th/21st June- Solstice/Jupiter Retrograde/Venus-Neptune Trine 

The Solstice is usually considered to kick-start the Cancer Season under tropical astrology. Just before the Solstice, there will be a Jupiter retrograde. As a result, Jupiter will join Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn in retrograde. All these planets in retrograde will build up powerful energy and offer us an opportunity to ponder as well as redirect our focus. During this time, Venus is seen making a trine with Neptune that might create harmony across our cosmic skies. Hence, this period is especially influential and becomes a turning point in acquiring immense joy and deep realization.

22nd June-Mercury Direct 

Mercury direct will certainly amplify the energies of Mercury retrograde. We must take things slowly and not rush to make long-term commitments. This phase needs us to reset our perspective and gain new insights or knowledge thrown towards us. Within 7th July, Mercury will gain its strength back and bring some clarity.

24th June-Capricorn Super Full Moon 

There is an impending Super Full Moon which will bring in quite a busy time. However, it will also act as a respite from the intense Eclipse energy. We must try to capitalize on this earthly Capricorn energy to obtain stability and control in our lives. The cloudy or scattered things will soon get cleared.

25th June-Neptune Retrograde 

As Neptune goes into retrograde, we will now have 4 planets going in retrograde and forcing us to move very slowly. We are being encouraged to revisit our past as we re-evaluate energies and events. Few truths and secrets might be exposed in Neptune retrograde and help us in differentiating between fact and fiction.

3rd July-Mars Square Uranus 

This combination of energy is extremely volatile and we may feel it brewing for a few days. Things that appear to be weak or unstable might get shaken and we might need to reassess our ideologies and beliefs.

3rd-7th July-Sirius Gateway 

There is going to be an alignment between the Sun and Sirius. It is a star that will eventually unlock the gateway to high-frequency energy. New wisdom and understanding will get unleashed as Sirius will shine brightly.

9th/10th July-Cancer New Moon 

New Solar Moon Eclipse in Gemini will be accompanied by fresh energy and make us aware of new boundaries. We will find ourselves to be more sensitive and supportive towards our family. Unexpected information or news might take us by surprise and this lunation will make us acutely sensitive.

13th July-Venus Conjunct Mars 

This is a rare, beautiful, and special celestial configuration. Love is expected to bloom and relationships will thrive in this phase. A deep and heartfelt understanding will be acquired by walking the path of spirituality. Twin flames and soulmates will find their way towards one another.

22nd July-Sun Arrives In Leo After Cancer 

Cancer Season will reach its conclusion by finally entering Leo Season.

In general, Cancer Season is expected to be more calm and peaceful. Everyone will feel stable and balanced in their life and the celestial events throughout this season will be fruitful.

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