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Do Not Let Anyone Tell You That You Are Worthless

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by Conscious Reminder

Our worth is for us to decide. No – we can’t place our worth on the basis of something that is external to us. Our career can’t decide on our worth. Nor can our friendships or relationships.

If you are choosing to decide on your worth from something that is external, it will depend on that external source. It will rise or it will fall. You will not be confident since external factors are subject to many changes.

Think of your career – it will largely depend on economic fluctuations. A job might be lucrative one day and cease to be a great job the next year. Does that mean your worth is over?

Relationships can’t decide what your worth is. Neither does it matter if you can work your way out of a terrible breakup. You are healing but the rate at which you do so does not show your worth.

Your sleepless nights or whether your friends are getting married cannot decide the exact worth that you have. All of these are based on your relationship and that can’t be the determiner of your worth.

The internet world has affected our self-worth. Many of us decide on our worth based on our social media statistics. It depends on the likes and comments we get on a selfie. Our followers seem to matter more than us.

We are constantly checking our DMs to find appreciation and validation. But no, your value cannot depend on something like a social media profile and its fan base. Your popularity in the eyes of others should not be your worth.

Your career may be something that you have earned. But do you really think that it is in line with what your dreams are? And if you are following your dreams, does it matter how much money you keep generating?

Maybe you are comparing your job with the lucrative jobs of your friends. You feel like you are going way behind. But your bank account cannot determine your worth.

Friendships can’t determine who you are. Your friends might be there at times with you, but sometimes, they might get busy. And then, you can feel lonely. You may already have several friends who came into your life one day and left a few days later.

Do you feel troubled about your past friends? Do you feel like your friend circle can change who you are? Your value remains unchanged, however good your friend circle becomes.

If you are unhappy, then you should work on it yourself. You are the one to act and change it. You should not define your worth based on what others find in you.

Remember, one single aspect of your life can’t determine who you are. You determine your worth. Look at your reflection and say – “I don’t care about my career or the money I earn. I don’t care about my relationship status.

I don’t care if my friends are thinking about me now or not. What I do care about is me and I know I have value for myself. I’m loved by me.”

Love yourself as you have never loved anyone before.

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