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S*x, Seduction & Salvation: Real Gurus And Sacred S*xuality

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

S*x has always been a powerful metaphor. The union of male and female has surprised people quite a lot since the beginning of time because of the fact that it is the only conduit that allows new life to enter the world.

Hindus worship the Sivā-lingā, which contrary to popular belief, is not just the male phallus. It is the embodiment of the male phallus with the female womb. Proper karmic s*x is a strong thing and can produce unforeseen sights and possibilities and can also be transcendental.

As a matter of fact, that is primarily why every form of written text has fixated on romantic love – it is the only legitimate conduit to passion which in turn is the main predicate to karmic s*x.

In India, tantric sadhaks or practitioners practice the art of tantric s*x that is charged with cosmic energy. They teach this to their disciples too.

This transcendental s*x, symbolized by the goddess Kāli straddling Sivā, is supposed to awaken the Kundalini, a reservoir of energy that resides at the base of our spine.

This in turn moves upwards through the spine to reach the brain where it endows the practitioner with special, heightened abilities.

But given how human depravity is just taking worse new shapes every day, most of these relationships between teacher and disciple are becoming corrupt.

However not all birds come with the same plumes. A good teacher can help you reach new spiritual zeniths via their guidance and help.

Transcendental s*x can be achieved only between monogamous partners. There can be no space for adultery, kinks and even impure thought for that matter.

This “love” isn’t something you should take lightly as this is so pure and such a major force that it can transform you.

Any kind of sinful thought, greed, lust or anything that is unnatural or removed from the ideals of humanity is not permissible in such a relationship.

In Indian spiritual thought especially (although not exclusively) hence, there is a clear-cut sphere for sexual yogic activities. It is not something to frown upon at all.

So in today’s age of depravity and sin, where can one find a teacher-priest who is still untainted, holy and sinless?

The answer, clichéd and old, is, within. The guidance has been there for the taking from religious texts all over the world and in today’s age of technology, access is not an issue either.

Only thing you need to do is to clear your mind of sinfulness and zone out. Concentrate on your own spirit and the spirit of your partner. Treat her/him with respect and devotion.

This s*x is not the meager union of two bodies: it is the union of two souls in the most literal sense of the terms.

Gaze inside yourself to find your own teacher and engage in s*x like it were a personal ritual of worship: pure, sacred, untainted in action, and untainted in thought and intention.

The rest shall fall into place, automatically.

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