Saturn Return In Your Late Twenties: A Quarter-Life Crisis?

by Conscious Reminder

If you have already crossed your late twenties, you know how turbulent and stressful these years are. Astrology says it is the Saturn Return that brings all the chaos in those years.

Saturn Return is the planetary occurrence that brings about a period of intense change. It pushes us out of our childhood days and forces us to face the world as mature adults. It teaches us the lessons we need for the rest of our lives.

Saturn takes almost 30 years to complete a revolution around the Sun. Hence, Saturn Return literally means the planet returning to the position in the zodiac it was it when you were born.

The first Saturn Return is experienced when a person is about 27 to 30 years old. Drastic changes mark these years. It can be a serious breakup or a marriage, a big switch in your career, shifting to a new country, or any other sort of change that improves your life for the better.

Saturn Return: Make The Most Of The Changes

Those who were born between 1990 and 1994 will experience their first Saturn Return starting from December 2020. Here is what you can expect from a Saturn Return and how you can use the energies to fuel your growth.

The planet Saturn works with energies of hard work and tough love. Discipline, responsibility, healthy boundaries, maturity, and patience are the virtues it dabbles with. And when you experience your first Saturn Return, these are what you will have to deal with. As the master teacher of astrology, Saturn brings us harsh life lessons and self-growth.

Saturn shakes up our foundation and exposes all the weak points. When suddenly faced with our vulnerabilities, we often feel scared. That is why Saturn Return often has a negative connotation.

But knowing our weaknesses is what prepares us for the future. The chaos of a Saturn Return ultimately brings clarity of thought. That helps us take charge of ourselves and work on ourselves to fix those weak patches.

When Exactly Will The Saturn Return Start?

As mentioned before, you are likely to experience your first Saturn Return while you are between 27 and 30 years old. For the exact year, you can consult an astrologer or work online. Check your birth chart to know your Saturn sign and put that information in an online Saturn Return calculator. The first Saturn Return usually peaks at the age of 29.

And don’t think your first Saturn Return will be the last. Many people experience a second Saturn Return when you’re about to hit 60. This often comes as a mid-life crisis. Yet another Saturn Return can be experienced in the late eighties. Each Saturn Return period helps us acknowledge our responsibilities, and we enter a new phase of our lives.

What To Expect?

When Saturn realigns with your natal placement, a full-blown crisis is triggered. It feels overwhelming as personal responsibilities and issues pile up. But if you can persevere, you will learn to tackle these challenges and emerge victorious.

If you are not aligned with your authentic self, this is time to turn back. Honor your higher truth and change your ways. Saturn will make you put in the necessary hard work to be your authentic self.

If you look for shortcuts, Saturn will surely come after you. Diligence, hard work, and patience are what Saturn values. If you try to repress your inner turmoils and not work on them, it will only get uglier from here on.

This period will also make you more responsible and mature. Maybe you will finally sign up for that therapy session or take out a credit card. Start your own business even! You could be starting something fresh with a long-term commitment, or you could be severing ties with something toxic.

But with the support of Saturn, you will be able to push through. Be brave and face your struggles. Once resolved, you will be a new person altogether.

There might be risks, you might second guess your decisions, and there could be utter lack of stability. But follow the virtues of Saturn and watch your confident self emerge out of the chaos.

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