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Infamous Indonesian Krakatoa Volcano Erupts And Spews Ash 9 Miles Into The Air

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by Conscious Reminder

Indonesia’s infamous volcano, Krakatoa, erupted Friday night ejecting lava and ashes up to 9 miles in the air. 

People in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia located 90 miles north of Krakatoa, reported hearing thunder-like sounds during and after the volcano erupted.


The first eruption happened on Friday 9:58 pm local time with a second one following at 10:35 that lasted for full 38 minutes.

The head of data at the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, Kasbani said ‘PVMBG monitoring shows that the eruption continued until Saturday morning at 5:44 WIB [Western Indonesian Time]. This is the Insitute’s CCTV video of the eruption.

He also added ‘Volcanic eruptions in Indonesia are a common thing as they happen every day’.

A Sebesi Island resident, just 11 miles away from Krakatoa, reported thick ashes descending in front of his house soon after the eruption.

Anuk Krakatoa is known for his strong eruptions. The last one took place in 2018 when it caused a tsunami killing over 400 people on the coasts of Java and Sumatra.

The biggest recorded eruption of the infamous volcano happened in 1883. It took over 36,000 lives and it was 10,000 times stronger than the atomic bombed that fell over Hiroshima.

Together with all those human lives, it destroyed hundreds of villages thousands and thousands of homes.

The plumes of ash spewed up in the air by this eruption traveled to Europe and Science believes that the event lowered the global temperatures for years.

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