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The Amazing Power Of Music: Your Favorite Song Is Rewiring Your Brain

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by Conscious Reminder

When people listen to music, it lifts their spirits. Music is a real spiritual language, and also a universal one. People have the ability to sense that intuitively although they don’t know the science standing behind it.

When they play their favorite songs on their smartphones, a smile appears on their faces. Although it has this noticeable sway on them, they can sometimes not understand that the music reorganizes their brains as an adaptogenic herb, as well as meditation session.

Adaptogens are the herbs which have the ability to recognize the cells in people’s bodies – they actually adapt to the greatest necessities of people – no matter if it comes to boosting their immunity or reducing stress. It appears that music has the ability to do that too.

During Paleolithic days, the music was probably created for human beings to enjoy in and relax with, but the universal music is perhaps as old as our Universe is. NASA has recorded the Earth’s song, and every planet is considered to have musical vibration within it too.

Similar to this, the ancient Greek initiates comprehended the therapeutic advantages and benefits that music has, the ones probably taken from Egyptian people.

Early Tibetan, Persians, Chinese, Hindu, as well as some other different cultures, knew about the scales which have been supposed to induce specific hypnagogic states – however, it is still not known from when the usage of music started in the history of humanity.

Even the Neanderthals were able to chant and sing. Without any doubt, music was a fundamental evolutionary tool – however, in what it rewires people’s brains?

According to one research from recently, some scientists utilized functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI technology in order to watch the blood flow in people’s brains while they were listening to their most loved song.

It was discovered that the subjects that listened to the songs belonging to their favorite musical genre exhibited strengthened and increased brain connectivity levels.

Such a brain state, which is known as full-brain or also whole brain processing, permits more profound happiness, creativity, as well as cognitive functioning.

According to the reports of the study, the most significant change which was inspired by listening to music has been noticed in the resting-state network which is connected with the inner peace or also adaptive and introspective mental activities, and they are the ones in which people deliberately or spontaneously engage every day.

Also, this is the brain area which allows people to daydream, or utilize the creativity of the right brain in order to solve the problems created by the left brain, as well as to practice higher self-awareness and empathy.

According to the statements of another study, that brain area which is called Default Mode Network or DMN is just like an on-off switch between externally focused states of the mind and subjective or internal self sense, and it seems to include some mind-wandering experiences like visualizing the future, and also discovering new hopes and possibilities, or effective importance of dreams and aspirations, no matter of the listening preferences of the person.

Moreover, listening to great songs will permit people to process psychological interaction, as well as use different thinking – the state of the mind which is covertly and coercively manipulated by the Deep State.

Another more fascinating thing about music therapy is that it may regenerate our brains, improve our memory, and act just like a tonic for our brain too, even in babies.

The suggestions of researchers about music are that it modulates steroid hormones secretion that ultimately causes repair, as well as regeneration of the cerebral nerves.

Because of everything we mentioned above, it is no wonder that we love music for as long as we can remember, and that cellular memory also tugs us to listen to the favorite songs. The research on the effects of music on human brains makes great sense too.

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