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Genius Child Gets Tested By Scientists And Proves He DOES Have Telepathic Abilities!

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With the cutting of the umbilical cord, physical attachment to our mothers ends and emotional and psychological attachment begins. While the first attachment provides everything we need to thrive inside the womb, many psychologists believe the second attachment provides the psychological foundation and maybe even the social and physical buffer we need to thrive in the world.

Psychologists’ research shows that the quality of care infants receive affects how they later get along with friends, how well they do in school and how they react to new, and possibly stressful, situations.

Another, not so common ability that mothers and their children develop is telepathy. Yes, you red well! No matter how far-fetched it looks to you, psychologists say it’s actually possible. And while some are trying to disprove it, claiming that the phenomenon is nothing more than a well-developed ability of the mothers and their kids to mutually read their body languages, a group of scientist decided to test 5 year old Ramses Sanguino who showed unbelievable telepathic connection with his mother.

The boy is certainty a genius. At the age of 5, he is already learning seven languages and solving complex mathematical equations, even tuckling algebra.

Do you think he might be telepathic? THIS is what the test revealed:

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