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Eta-Aquariid Meteor Shower To Peak This Wednesday – Expect Dozens Of Shooting Stars

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by Conscious Reminder

Amazing news comes to us from outer space amidst the global pandemic. As the world stands still, astronomers predict a lot of movement in our solar system.

And we will witness this movement in the form of the Eta-Aquariid Meteor shower scheduled for the weekend.

This Tuesday will be the time of any stargazer’s life as the Eta-Aquariid is predicted to peak in the early hours. The news comes as a relief to many of us trapped in our homes, looking out for hope.

Even though we know that the celestial event is not some miracle, it can definitely be an event to remember. The Eta-Aquariid is actually caused by the remnant particles of Halley’s Comet – another spectacle that we can only spot every 75 years.

The stars will light up the sky and will be visible over the skies of United Kingdom skies.

The event is expected to shoot off 60 meteors per hour across space, and if you are lucky enough, you might just get to see a few dozen of them.

Eta-Aquariid, caused by the dust particles left behind by the Halley’s Comet, takes place annually every April and May. As the event comes to its peak by Tuesday, you can expect to see around 40 meteors with just your naked eye!

The “shooting stars” will be visible in the Aquarius constellation. Little known is the fact that the event is named after this constellation.

The meteor shower will get the best view from the Southern Hemisphere, but we can always try and catch a glimpse of the event.

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, has suggested people to look for a location that is dark and safe and away from any light pollution.

NASA has also suggested that people should lie on their backs to enjoy the view. Their neck would be grateful for that too.

Our Southern Hemisphere neighbors, Australia, has been picked by experts as having the best angle to enjoy the shooting stars.

Maybe, what we require the most now is not a door to go out, but a roof to lie on and enjoy the cosmic event.

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