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Excellent Time For Manifesting, As The December 22nd Full Moon Will Be The Longest In Almost A Decade

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by Conscious Reminder 

A Full Moon is a lunar phase which occurs when the face of the Moon is illuminated by the rays of the Sun, being opposite of the Moon. Often, we have one Full Moon in every month, so they can be very useful on energetic levels.

The one which will come up on the 22nd of December will surely be a Full Moon to remember because it is going to be the longest one that we had in almost one century.

Although we can feel uncomfortable and unusual a little bit, or we feel some changes in our mood, we are going to have the ability to show ourselves to this world in an entirely different light.

The period of the Full Moon is undoubtedly going to bring us to some place in our life which will help us in moving forward in the proper way. We may also feel the desire to stand out, or also prepared to discover abundance.

At this time of energies affecting us, our courage is going to be more intense and extreme than it usually is. We are not going to be afraid of some things from a lot of people are anymore.

Our love life is also going to benefit from the increased compassion and tenderness. Although it is not a steamy sex indicator, the aspect is going to encourage tender smooching and touch. It will be more significant to connect to a partner at this spiritual level, as tantric sex could also be the most enjoyable thing.

The Full Moon of this year is actually the last phase of the moon currently in the Eclipse phase that started with the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in July. It will be an excellent time to take a look at the last five or more months in order to check our progress with our personal aims.

During this lunar phase, we have to focus on our personal aims and also work towards taking better care of ourselves. We should bathe in this moonlight in front of us and then release everything which holds us back on the emotional level.

In order to manifest at this time, we will have to set our mood for that. Cleansing our being, as well as working towards our manifestation, we are going to have the ability to manifest something better that we can actually imagine.

Full Moon manifesting.

For example, when we would like to work on manifesting at this last lunar cycle, when we finish everything from above, we should sit and then write what we would like from this time to actually come to us.

We should put our goals on a piece of paper and then give them some power. We should dig a small hole, bury the paper, in that way planting the change or productivity seeds too. Although this does not sound a lot, being realistic, as well as putting our energy in that is going to work fine for sure.

One excellent way in which we can kick things out is to remind the Universe where we are, as well as where we would like to be.

Although the Full Moon may not be exciting like the previous one, it is going to be the last one of 2018, and together with it, we will have to work towards bringing the new year in the proper way.

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