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Your Weekly Horoscope May 13—May 19: Major Improvement In The Field Of Love & Romance

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by Conscious Reminder

With the Venus entering grounded Taurus, Mars going for emotional Cancer and a full moon in Scorpio on 18th May, this week is going to be a blast. How is it going to affect your love, sex and family? Let’s find out:


Venus will affect your finances so; you can splurge a bit and get yourself a treat. Mars will meddle with your home affairs so resolve the issues if you don’t want family drama. The full moon will prepare you for a steamy weekend of pleasure.


Venus will make you seductive, magnetic and irresistible. Mars will make communication easy for you and you will be straightforward. Romantic opportunities are coming your way this full moon.


Venus is a healer for you. She comes to bring control to your life. Mars will affect your income by bringing financial security. The full moon will promote good health. Be in your best shape.


Venus is about friendship and will blur the lines between romance and platonic relationship. You can enjoy both. Mars will make you more assertive in your ways. Plus, there is the full moon which will add to it, making you more confident. Also, you will be a bit joyous about life during this period.


The proud Leo will enter into great professional relationships when Venus enters Taurus. You might even get a raise. Mars will mark an end of your past and will bring you into a new life event. The full moon will make you sensitive and reveal your inner vulnerabilities.


Venus brings romance in your life with a bit of exoticism and intelligence. Mars boosts up your friendship area and you might find yourself becoming a kind of a leader among your friends. The full moon will make you both a good listener and a great communicator.


Venus empowers your sexuality making you reveal your desires unabashedly. Mars will enter your career zone and make you work hard for what you have always wanted to achieve. The full moon makes you more aware of finances and you would end up looking over your budgets during this time.


Venus will bring you wonderful opportunities for engaging in new love and romance. Mars, on the other hand, brings a bit of optimism as well as keeps your heart open so that you can trust your partners. The full moon will bring a fresh start and make you achieve high things by giving up on low aspects of things holding you back.


Venus brings health into the focus and makes you take up nutritious goals. Mars will fire up your sexuality making you want to connect with your intimate partner better. The full moon will bring closure and set off any fears that held you back.


Venus will be entering the area of confidence and make you magnetic. Mars will fire up the romance and bring resolution to any petty conflicts with your loved ones. The full moon is about friendships so connect with your buddy.


Venus is setting on your home zone so move your furniture and redecorate your home for love. Mars brings health into your mind and you might start working out. The full moon lights up the zone of career and so, you might find out what you need from your life now.


Communication will be heightened during this period with Venus coming in your communication zone. Mars will bring creativity to you and empower you with a boost of confidence. The full moon focuses on your education and brings about an expansion of your mind. Opportunities abound.

This week is great for mental and spiritual growth. Live it well.

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