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A Ring Of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse Will Darken The Skies On June 21st

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by Conscious Reminder

The five months of 2020 have already brought more surprises to us than the entire last year! Some were undeniably bad; some were hidden happy surprises.

The Universe has been pretty busy preparing several Eclipses for us this year. The Northern Hemisphere will witness the Summer Solstice this coming 20th.

A day after this event, the first Annular Solar Eclipse will take place. It will be extra special as it will create an illusion of a ring of fire in the sky.

When And Where Will The Solar Eclipse Occur?

At 03:45 GMT, East Africa will witness the beginning of the Solar Eclipse. The totality will begin an hour after the start and last for four hours. Moon’s shadow will move across Earth during this time. The Solar Eclipse will be visible from the Arabian peninsula, Africa, China, India, Taiwan, north Australia, southern Europe, and the great Pacific.

Ring Of Fire Explained

On the 21st, the Moon will be at her furthest distance from Earth, which will make it appear smaller than what we are used to. As the Annular Solar Eclipse occurs, the Moon will shadow over Earth by blocking the Sun’s rays from reaching us. And since the Moon is not large enough to cover the entirety of the Sun, it will leave an outer circle uncovered. Hence, creating the illusion of the Ring of Fire.

What Not To Do During The Annular Solar Eclipse?

Do not look at the Eclipse directly with your naked eyes; you might burn the retinas in your eyes. It is extremely dangerous, and it is not a risk you should take during this global pandemic. Use an Eclipse glass if you have one. If you don’t, you can use filters from telescopes, binoculars, or just your regular cameras.

And don’t worry if you don’t get to see the ring of fire with your own eyes. Satellite images and videos will be released, and they are no less than a vision. But if you are bent on watching the Solar Eclipse with your own eyes, wait till 10th June 2021. And don’t forget to get your Eclipse glasses by then.

Stay safe, and enjoy this beautiful Cosmic event!

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