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Virgo Full Moon Rising March 18th: Allow Yourself To Be Imperfect

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by Conscious Reminder

A deep desire for being perfect is keeping you from launching the project and displaying your real self to the world.

What is perfectionism and how does it manifest as blockages? Experts believe perfectionism to be a method of avoiding the pain associated with shame, judgment, and blame. However, it is not self-improvement. Perfectionism originates from a need for approval from others. Self-improvement’s central basis is the personal growth of the self.

A Move Away From Perfectionism

The concept of perfectionism is the theme for the Full Moon in Virgo that is taking place on March 18. This lunation is a challenge from the Universe to face the areas where we are using perfectionism to avoid moving forward.

If we dive deep and question ourselves on this, we can reveal and uproot a few hindering beliefs. We can also become more aware of our worth and our truly deserving rewards. Even if it is a deep self-exploration, a full moon will always help when it comes to releasing.

So make use of the Full Moon in Virgo to face and release the areas where you are clinging to perfectionism. The first step is admitting that it is preventing you from attaining your true desires. This lunation’s energy can also be used for gauging your attitude towards your self-worth. Keep in mind that you deserve more than you are getting, so work towards how you can see this.

The Full Moon in Virgo is, moreover, the final one before the 2022 March Equinox. The Equinox in March is believed to be the beginning of the new astrological year.

Before we start off on this new one, we should use this lunation’s cleansing energy to think about our past 12 months’ travels. Then, release everything that we no longer want to carry with us.

The Influence Of Neptune

Set intentions for all the areas, including perfectionism that you wish to release. Trust in the energy of the Full Moon to guide you. In fact, this Full Moon will also help you to create a personal connection with the Universe because of Neptune’s presence.

Neptune represents spiritual growth. As such, the planet is helpful in accelerating our intuition’s development. This energy will possibly heighten our intuition. So make sure you are listening to all those nagging tugs or gut feelings that the inner voice is putting out.

Neptune also has a tendency to cloud things. But this is the planet’s way of making us avoid seeking validation from the external world. Rather, we should seek it from within. Try to be quiet and still and look at the issues troubling you with the Spirit’s perspective.

Using the energy of Neptune may also help in changing our perspective towards the world. It may show the true temporal nature of reality and that our life lessons are usually there for supporting our soul’s growth.

However, obtaining the perspective of the Spirit will not subdue our emotions. Nevertheless, it can make us feel easier and supported while facing challenging obstacles.

If you feel aligned, then try to connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels, or a passed loved one during this lunation.

Keep in mind that the Universe’s support is only one call away. So be receptive to any divine sign that comes your way. Sometimes, Virgo’s energy can also make health-related issues surface so be a bit attentive towards your health.   

Take the duration of the full moon in Virgo to disconnect from the concept of perfectionism and realize your true self-worth. Let this be the fuel of a new spiritual journey where you reach higher dimensions and understanding.

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