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June 18th Mercury Retrograde Will Help You Resolve Family Issues

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by Conscious Reminder 

On 18th June, Mercury will go Retrograde and bring shadows and storms along with it. Although Mercury goes Retrograde quite often, this one is special as it will occur in Cancer throughout its whole duration.

What Does A Mercury Retrograde Signify?

From 2nd June to 26th July, Mercury will enter a shadowy period once it turns direct. It will exit this phase as it starts its Retrograde.

The shadow phase might feel like a lull. Most of us won’t even feel it until after it ends. As soon as Mercury exits the shadow period, it will enter the storm phase. From the 9th of June till the 20th of July, Mercury will be in the storm phase. Mercury will stop its Retrograde on the 11th of July.

This Mercury Retrograde, we need to watch our emotions. We will be prone to emotional distress, as Cancer will rule our emotions. Don’t hesitate to call up your family and friends if you need any emotional support. You might not realize this, but they will need a strong support system too. Watch what you say to others because, under stress, your harsh words might hurt your loved ones.

Since Cancer influences our home life, things might get a little chaotic among our family. Try to create your own space in your home. Underlying family issues might flare up, so remember to deal with them patiently.

Note that the Mercury Retrograde is not causing your family drama, but it is giving you an opportunity to come clean and resolve past issues. You can build a strong connection with your family only once you get over the past.

It will be a good idea to rearrange or renovate your home.

Mercury Retrograde In Cancer Will Encourage Us To Reassess Our Foundation

This Retrograde period, we will be forced to reassess our foundations. And if our roots are not strong, we will be influenced to break it down and rebuild a more sturdy one.

As we move on through the Mercury Retrograde, we will be faced with our past. It might get very emotional. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer will also lend its power during this time, making the energies even more potent.

How Will The Solar Eclipse On 21st June And The Lunar Eclipse On 5th July Sit With The Mercury Retrograde?

The Cancer Solar Eclipse will occur at exactly 0 degrees to Cancer. The chances of us falling to the bottom end are high during this period. But remember that we will fall only to rise back up.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is all set to bring about change and transformation. We might witness changes in our responsibilities, life direction, or long term goals.

Multiple Retrogrades Will Affect Our Disposition

While Mercury starts its Retrograde, Venus, and Saturn will be in Retrograde too. Retrograde Venus is in Gemini, while Saturn will Retrograde in Capricorn.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini will help balance things out. Gemini’s social aspect will most likely be our savior out of the family drama. Remember to communicate as much as possible.

Since Saturn will Retrograde in Capricorn, a zodiac that opposes Cancer, we will feel a push and pull in our emotions. Remember to cool your head and communicate.

Keep faith in the Universe, and everything will be okay.

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