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3 Most Frequently Asked Questions On The Afterlife

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by Conscious Reminder

The Afterlife is a topic of constant curiosity and question. Especially people who have lost their near and dear ones, feel an overwhelming desire to know about the “other side”.

Although every person has their own set of questions related to their lost person, there are 3 most frequently asked questions.

This entire article is devoted to answering three of the most common queries regarding the “other side” or the Afterlife of living beings. Keep reading to acquire the answers to the haunting questions that might bring clarity and comfort to your mind.

I: Is My Dear One Constantly Connected With Me In Their Afterlife?

In this age of capitalism where we travel so often, be it for work and other purposes, we are rarely physically around our friends and family all the time. Nonetheless, during a time of emergency or dire need, the people close to us find a way to reach and support us.

In a similar manner, the people we have lost and moved on to the ‘other side’ also find ways to re-connect with us through various means. Surprisingly they are perpetually aware of the happenings in our life and find ways to let us know that they are present with us in some form or the other.

People from their Afterlife will always be with us and provide us with crucial guidance, inspiration, and hope as and when we feel the need for them. A huge amount of energy is required to send the vibration and establish the connection with people in the living world.

As a result, we must remain acutely alert and attentive when we receive mystical messages or spiritual signs when they are being relayed to us from our loved ones in their Afterlife.

II: What Do People In Their Afterlife Do?

There have been many instances of messages being sent by the souls in their Afterlife. They try to tell us about what they do in their new-found mystical life. On the other hand, many of the souls are reluctant in making any contact with the living world or inform us of their work or indulgences.

Most prefer to enjoy the perks and privileges they get showered with. They share with their living kin, about their delightful state of being on the “other side”.

Others choose to continue living as they did in the corporeal world which gives them a sense of continuity that suddenly breaks. Some others help their own kind to adjust to their new existence while many are busy creating connections with the ones they left behind on Earth.

III: Will The Loved Ones Stay Angry With The Ones Who Gave Negative Emotions Before They Moved To The “Other Side”?

People often fight and say spiteful things to their loved ones before they move on to the “other side”. Then they regret not getting an opportunity to ask for forgiveness or resolve the miscommunications.

However, when the souls travel through their Afterlife, they are purged of all ill feelings and are full of love and care for the ones they are leaving behind.

It is often believed that pure souls easily let go of all anger and resentment and retain love because love is eternal.

Swan Song

The Afterlife continues to remain an area of interest to all living beings. This is mainly because when we lose someone close to us, we feel a void that pulls us towards the “other side”. These questions and answers will hopefully help to get some understanding and most importantly a peace of mind.

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