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4 Common Meditation Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

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Meditation is considered to be one of the best forms of healing. It alleviates anxiety and improves personal health. I am sure that you have been introduced to the idea of meditation by someone at some point in your life.

There are people who attend yoga classes and talk about the benefits of meditation and tell us about the spiritual peace that meditation gave them.

But gaining information about meditation only through word of mouth can lead to certain misconceptions about it.

There are a lot of misconceptions which accompany the basic idea of meditation. Read on for more information regarding what meditation can do for you.

1. Being Religious or Spiritual Plays No Role

The most common misconception about meditation is that you have to be spiritually or religiously inclined. Meditation does have its roots in a spiritual understanding and realization. But it will work in the same way in case you are a non-spiritual person.

Meditation lets you focus on your own self. It helps you relieve stress, realign with your personal belief system, and quiet your mind when it’s racing. Meditation decreases levels of anxiety if you practice it on a regular basis.

2. Meditation doesn’t Require Being in a Yoga Pose

Meditation doesn’t require you to be in a particular position. You need not be uncomfortable. Meditation can be done anywhere and anytime. You do not have to follow strict yoga poses to meditate.

It is a common myth that the position in which you meditate makes a difference. But positions do not really matter. You need not focus on the way your body is positioned when you meditate; focus on your mind, your thoughts, and your breath.

3. Time Doesn’t Matter

Another misconception is that meditation takes a lot of time.

You need not meditate for long hours. Even ten minutes of peaceful meditation is enough to carry you forward throughout the day. But when you meditate regularly, you get the best results.

4. The Benefits are Visible Immediately

Yoga and meditation do not work on your body immediately. Your body needs to adjust to the gradual changes. Regular meditation will allow you to experience growth in certain areas of the brain associated with empathy, stress regulation, and memory.

So here you go, the myths have been busted. Now it’s time for you to get back on to self-development. Smile, breathe and go slowly!

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