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8 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

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by Adam,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Spirituality refers to any experience that brings a person in contact with Divine, with nature, universe and most importantly, a person connects to himself.

Awakening is a process that has no end, but some common checkpoints take place when a person got awakened. These are confusion, restlessness, push and pull, darkness, connectedness, synchronicity, self-authenticity, higher consciousness, and unconditional love. These checkpoints eventually transform a person’s life.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

When a person undergoes spiritual awakening, he or she wakes up to life. His old beliefs, habits, social conditions are put onto a question by himself and he starts analyzing life differently. He thinks that there is much more to life than what he has been taught or going through.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Going through the experience of spiritual awakening is one of the most confusing and lonely experiences ever but at the same time, the most beautiful experience of life. If a person is on the path of spiritual awakening he will go through some of the following stages.

  • A person feels that he is living a false life. Everything he worked towards is false. Something that brings joy and happiness to him is now no longer be able to bring joy and satisfaction.
  • A person starts looking for a purpose. He deeply desires to know the actual purpose and meaning of his life. He has no idea about it but desperately trying to find the purpose. A sense of “missing” will surround him, something is missing, like a part of the soul.
  • A person is not happy with what he is going through. He feels frustrated, hopeless and restless. All of a sudden, the desire for change gives his awakening process a momentum. He feels the need to simplify his life. This simplification of life may mean to completely cut off with the people who are playing the role of toxin in his life. He will also reassess his habits. He will try to find a new and better job, better in a sense of satisfaction, a job that will satisfy him. Most importantly, he will give away the most of what he owns.
  • He begins asking questions with deep meanings such as, “what am I doing here”? “Purpose of his life”? “Sufferings of the people”?  He begins thinking philosophically. Such intense thoughts will disturb him as there will be no answers to these questions.
  • A person will realize that the things which have been taught in the entire life, are just a lie, he will start examining himself, his beliefs, feelings, and values and he will find that all these are not his own but are inherited by the people surrounding him or from the culture in which he is living.
  • Everything that surrounds him will start to collapse, darkness surrounds him from all sides but he has to be in this darkness to understand the real measuring of light. He will be disturbed by the condition of this world, poverty, greed, selfishness and even the environmental or climatic conditions. This depression will lead him to the desire to be alone. He will think that how will he be able to blend with this society. He will feel lost and alone. No one will be able to understand his feelings.
  • Materialism and profit become nothing to the person who is going through spiritual awakening. He starts feeling the pain of society.
  • He will crave solitude and hence he will experience the introvert side of his nature whereas once he has been an extrovert. He will start enjoying the silence. He will listen to his conscience. He will try to reduce social contact and at this point, he may lose connection with his old and gold friends.


Spiritual awakening is considered to be initiation on the spiritual path. Without experiencing it, a person’s life is pursuing the emptiness of money, fame, love, and power. It is that aspect of humanity that makes a person experience their connectedness to the moment, to self, to others, to nature and to the Significant. It occurs at unexpected times but at the time of utmost need. A person cannot plan for it. It enters into his life and proves to be a tornado that shakes everything up.

Author: Adam | Numerologyline.com

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