How Are Mirror Souls Different From Twin Flames

by Conscious Reminder

A lot of debate has taken place along with numerous false information regarding the meaning and significance of a Twin Flame.

Many people who believe in this concept or have already found their Twin Flame or conducted research on it, will vouch that finding a Twin Flame does not mean it will be a perfect love story.

We start realizing the fact that a specific person might not be the ideal one. The person might not get us the amount of satisfaction we are looking for.

Often, a fulfilling and long-term relationship with a Twin Flame might not be able to live up to the expectations. We shall come to terms with this fact when we begin understanding the role of a Twin Flame.

Furthermore, Twin Flames are facilitators and not the end outcome that we seek. Hence, we must be prepared to encounter several breakdowns and breakups as well as extreme confusion and turmoil.

The main reason behind this is the person we go into a relationship with. The person coerces us into facing certain aspects of ourselves which we expect the least and forces us to face the truth.

Understanding Twin Flame

The journey of the Twin Flame will not be joyous or easy. Also, this will not be the end destination we are looking for with our Twin Flame. They are a part of our journey but not our destination.

We can compare it with the way fire conducts itself in its characteristic of purification. Fire helps us eliminate all the things that are not required by us anymore or prevent us from thriving. It also brings back all the lost things in their original form.

This is the main purpose of the relationship with a Twin Flame. They enable us in removing everything not needed and help us to awaken ourselves in order to help us in recalling our authentic self.

As a result, Twin Flame is an extremely powerful form of a karmic relationship. On the other hand, we must remember that they are not the same as a Mirror Soul.

Differences With Mirror Soul 

A Mirror Soul must be understood as someone very special. They embody our very own soul which we have selected to get united with, in this ongoing lifetime.

Finding and having a union with a Mirror Soul is our final destination. We all seek this, and we constantly feel a pull towards this special person who is out there and perfect for us.

The journey of the Twin Flame is only a part of the union with our Mirror Soul.

Not all human beings have the opportunity to meet their Mirror Soul or Twin Flame after getting incarnated during this lifetime. While many find their Twin Flame, very few get to meet their Mirror Soul.

Most of the people are seen getting stuck in the journey with Twin Flame and fail to come out of it. They struggle with it mainly due to the reason that the Twin Flame is actually their Mirror Soul.

Clearing Incarnation Journey 

With the opening of the Eclipse Portal in Gemini, the awakening of our Mirror Soul will get activated on the 10th of June. The Soul reflection will get recalled after getting activated. Soon after, our Twin will help us in finding our true companion.

Find the differences between a Twin Flame and Mirror Soul demonstrated:

Twin Flame: 

  • We understand ourselves better and learn about our origins.
  • We attain spiritual awakening.
  • Twin Flame relationships are full of chaos and make us face our darker aspects.
  • Heartbreaks happen often.
  • Despite being in a toxic relationship, we are drawn to them.

Mirror Soul: 

  • We find them after getting a closure.
  • Mirror Soul relationships are mature, easy, stable, and respectful.
  • Desire and respect go hand-in-hand.
  • We feel a deep sense of peace, bliss, and satisfaction.
  • We finally attain a sense of completion.

Our Twin Flame can transform into a Mirror Soul if the work of the Flame is completed. Yet this rarely happens. This wonderful journey is chosen only by old souls.

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