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The Meaning Behind Chakra Colors

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by Conscious Reminder

The entire human body and all the parts can be categorized into 7 chakras. These chakras serve as sources of energy.

They form a wheel running in our body yet remain invisible. Every mood, thought, approach, and energy is related to one chakra that changes according to the colors.

These chakras signify the present emotional, physical, and mental state and control our emotions. The chakras are in fluid form and are closely connected with our mind, soul, and spirit. Find below the meanings of the 7 chakras.

Red Colored Root Chakra

The accurate Sanskrit term is Muladhara Chakra and it is red in color. This is extremely essential and is located in our coccyx, below the spine. This chakra establishes the relationship between human beings and the earth. It further affects our vitality, survival, as well as passion.

Material issues including money, basic necessities, and survival elements are connected to root chakra. Moreover, red being the color of life represents strength, love, courage, and desire. Our physical strength and discipline are also controlled by this color. The root chakra is attached to the Gonad gland.

Orange Colored Sacral Chakra

The Sanskrit word is Swadhisthana Chakra and the orange color is associated with the element of water present in our body. Orange influences several crucial emotions such as sexuality, reproductive system, creativity, and compassion towards others.

Sacral Chakra has a strong association with our sense of taste. In addition, our reproductive system, lymphatic system, pelvic glands, and bladder are a few of the important glands that are controlled by the Sacral chakra. It also influences emotions like happiness, attraction, and enthusiasm.

Yellow Colored Solar Plexus Chakra

The associated Sanskrit word is Manipura Chakra meaning jewel city. The color yellow is intrinsically linked with sunshine that is bright and warm. Personal power is emanated by this Solar Plexus chakra that influences our private as well as professional success.

We derive a sense of confidence, encouragement, and cheerfulness from this chakra. As a result, emotions of joy, intellect, and warmth are released by this color. This chakra is also associated with our sense of sight and controls the adrenal gland near the navel.

Green Colored Heart Chakra

This chakra is loosely linked with the air element in our body. It has a large impact on the relationships of all human beings. As a result, this heart chakra is greatly responsible for all our relationships such as marriage, friendship, and love. This chakra becomes weak when there is envy, distrust, and unfaithfulness.

Sense of touch is guided by this chakra and it brings wholesomeness to our life. We also gain an affinity to nature as it is related to lymph and the Thymus gland.

Blue Colored Throat Chakra

The Sanskrit term is Vishuddhi Chakra that means true voice. This chakra encourages us to listen closely and make better communication with people around us. Several parts of our body are attached to the throat chakra like our jaws, throat, teeth, vertebrae, neck, ears, and mouth glands. We are able to express efficiently when our throat chakra is perfectly balanced. It also improves our spiritual and artistic abilities and helps us in attaining a pleasant voice.

Indigo Colored Third Eye Chakra

The Sanskrit term is Ajna Chakra that helps us in seeing the larger picture. This chakra enables us in getting the ideal imagination powers and improves our communicative skills. Our sense of thought is associated with the Third Eye that is the pivot of intuition. Our regular activities are controlled by this chakra.

Violet Colored Crown Chakra

Sahasrara Chakra is the Sanskrit term that signifies the head of the crown. We can achieve enlightenment by optimally using this chakra and aim to obtain higher spiritual connections. Our nervous system, brain glands, and pituitary glands are connected to the crown chakra. We are able to correctly interpret and communicate with the help of this chakra.

Final Words

Every person is aware of the significance of the 7 chakras. They must be in ideal balance to stay spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically fit.

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