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Mirrored Souls: Twin Flame Energetic Traits Manifest As Physical Similarities

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are individuals that have numerous things in common.

In order the journey of twin flames to work properly, they need to share some similar personality traits, outlooks, as well as priorities.

So, what can not seem that intuitive would be that they usually have similar looks. A lot of people get confused, or also horrified by their physical similarities which they often share.

If you belong that that group of people, continue reading in order to understand why there are such physical similarities.

Why are twin flames similar?

A lot of people believe that two twin flames have to be similar, but not physically, as it does not make sense.

The history of people preferring lovers for their similar way of thinking, or other evident and logical reasons, is actually long. However, there appears to be some disconnection, considering physical similarities.

While people tend to accept similarities which are not physically very easily, they do not accept physical ones in that same way. 

Here, we are going to show you that all those similarities, physical or non-physical, origin from one same process.

The singular soul becomes two souls.

These individuals share the energy of a soul. They first appear as the expression of one single soul. But, both of them possess their different personal soul.

Those two different souls come from the same stuff, so there are actually limited ways to be.

Regardless of how much you try, those similarities of the two different souls, which come from one soul, will outweigh those differences all the time.

Getting the physical similarities.

All this is accepted for the similarities in personality and some other things you share with your twin flame.

However, you don’t often think about its effects of your physical similarities.

It is a fact that most of the twin flames usually look very similar, although it is somewhat a hidden fact by that staggered nature of the incarnation of twin flames.

Those twin flames that have similar or same age are usually mistaken for cousins of siblings as they are physically similar. However, most of the relationships between twin flames have an essential age difference.

With that difference in their age, their physical similarities will be less visible. However, if you have some doubts about those physical similarities although there is a difference in the age between you and your partner, do this:

Find some photographs of both of you when you had the same number of years. You should find photographs for a lot of distinct periods.

Can you see that? Can you notice what happens?

Twin flames often start their lives without similarities in their looks. While the time passes and the energies get swapped, such differences disappear and the similarities in their physical appearance increase with every new day.

Why twin flames have similarities in their physical appearance?

Twin flames don’t always have similarities in their physical appearance. The truth actually is that they look more and more alike as time passes and they share their energies together, or also interplay, as well as interchange them.

So, somewhere at the end, they come back to the soul who brought them to life, and then they become one once again – that is similar like everything else may be.

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