Summer Solstice June 20/21: The Longest Day in The Northern Hemisphere

by Conscious Reminder

The Solstice in 2021 will take place in the month of June and is scheduled on the 20th to 21st of the month depending on the time zone.

Solstice usually symbolizes a time during which the Sun normally remains very still and we experience either the longest or the shortest day of the ongoing year based on the hemisphere.

Solstice also kick-starts the official season of Winter or Summer. In addition, this June Solstice will coincide with the beginning of the Cancer Season.

The June Solstice also marks 6 months since the unfolding of the Great Conjunction. This also signifies the point of continuation of our journey that now moves towards the beginning of a renewed earth.

For many years now, Solstice is normally believed to be a time of magic. This is mainly because of the reason that the veil that exists between different worlds seems to become thinner during the time of Solstice.

This makes it easier for us to establish a connection with the spirits of nature as well as acquire healing energies from the planet. This is also the time when we experience an innate connection with Mother Earth along with our surroundings.

Solstice Brings Healing And Harmony 

Rory Duff is a geo-biologist researcher. He has stated that the day before the Solstice is a time when energy grids all over the world align themselves in perfect frequency. Due to this alignment, waves of peace, harmony, and healing are created across the planet.

The harmonious frequencies pervade the earth for some days and help us in accessing the higher dimensions by bestowing us with higher consciousness.

The best way to capitalize on this energy is by spending some time in the lap of nature and in solitude. Moreover, we must also allow ourselves to get closer to Mother Earth and feel its pulses intimately.

Even though Solstice is accompanied by a harmonious, healing, and magical energy, there are several cosmic events that are simultaneously unfolding. These celestial alignments certainly help in making us feel energetic and balanced.

One such influential celestial movement is the Jupiter retrograde that will definitely have a massive impact since Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It is believed that a planet goes into the underworld when it moves into retrograde.

Hence, retrograde planets usually move through shadows seeking new awareness. Jupiter represents higher wisdom and perspective but it will encourage us to retrospect in retrograde.

Celestial Configuration Wields Influences 

This June Solstice is certainly motivating our beliefs and thoughts towards a more supportive and liberal way. We are also being challenged to shift our perspective regarding the world around us.

Along with Jupiter retrograde, Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn will also be in retrograde during the June Solstice in 2021. As many as 4 planets in retrograde will tend to slow us down. This cosmic energy will provide us an opportunity to become calm and forge a deeper connection with the cosmic frequency.

This Solstice energy might also make us a bit passive and motivate us to surrender as well as reveal our authentic self to the world. This might prove to be beneficial for us because, after the surrender, we feel much closer to nature and are able to learn many new things, open our minds, and expand our horizons. Furthermore, this Solstice time is ideal to show love and compassion in every moment we live on this planet.

Venus will create a trine alignment with Neptune that will further increase the harmony. These powerful celestial configurations will guide us towards a better spiritual understanding and deeper truth. We can also expect an enriched spiritual awakening and a thirst to seek new knowledge that will eventually help us in attaining our higher self.

Solstice Blessings!

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