If He Really Loves You, He Will Do Anything For You

by Conscious Reminder

We live in a world where too many men are brought up without an awareness of what it really means to “love a woman,” and too many women are brought up without an awareness of what they deserve.

Have you been jumping from one relationship to another, and always with a man who didn’t know what to do to make a woman want to stick around (some didn’t know, others didn’t care)?

And eventually, it all comes down to one thing: for months or years, you tried, prayed, faked, and then eventually left, sometimes screaming, and other in total silence.

There is so much you shouldn’t come to terms or put up with and I bet you don’t even know it. You have no idea what a loving, nurturing relationship is supposed to look like.

I guess it comes with time and experience, but you will learn what you deserve and go for it, hopefully, sooner than later. You will also learn all the lengths a man will go to keep a woman, and everything he wouldn’t do, and what it all represents:

This is what a man will avoid doing if he lost interest in you:

He won’t care about the things that make you happy

Your interests and hobbies will irritate him. Your friends will be unbearable to him. He will ignore your wants and needs. All the big and small things that make you unique will not be important to him until you start to feel like a pale shadow.

He won’t listen to you or care if you feel heard

Your words will mean nothing. Your stories will go in one ear and out the other. He won’t care about your feelings and experiences, and in the end, you will stop telling him anything.

He won’t be around when you really need him.

He will make all your victories and struggles irrelevant and non-existent. There may be passion in your bed, but not warmth and intimacy. And you will understand how lonely you can be, even when you hold someone’s hand.

He won’t look at you like you are his everything

He will look you in the eye and he won’t you. Not to mention he won’t notice your new dress and hairstyle. You can be getting ready for hours to look good for him, but he won’t notice it, just like your inner glow.

He won’t support your dreams

Your ambitions make him feel insecure. He thinks that he alone is not enough for you, and you will soon start sacrificing your dreams, just so that he doesn’t get angry. But he doesn’t make up for it with love, so you’ll regret betraying your dreams.

Knowing what a man won’t do to keep me, you will know who’s ready to do everything to make you stay.

Do the same, to find out if he is worthy of your chance.

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