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Here Are The Most Important Astrological Events For July 2021

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by Conscious Reminder

2021’s latter half has arrived. This means it is time to have some positive goals for the final stretch. The July 2021 astrology is a time for reflecting gently on the past six months.

But it will also make us excited to charge forward. So mark the dates this July for the most important astrological events that will give a fresh twist to your life.

Cosmic Fireworks To Start Off July

July’s first week will have most personal planets holding their position. This will be a chance for absorbing the sentimental vibes of Cancer season. However, a few cosmic clashes will be serious enough to kick off some drama at the beginning of July.

Things will start with a fairly rare opposition between Saturn, the restrictive planet, and Mars, the go-getter, on 1st July. This will both be the reality check for confidence levels. This will also result in agitating obstruction in the path of goals.

The fireworks in the cosmos will keep happening through the 4th of July weekend. On this day, Mars will get into one more argument with Uranus. This argument may result in power struggles of all sorts. You might also find yourself exploding in bouts because of frustration.

July’s starting weeks are an explosive time. You will be asked to work harder as well as find more innovation in expressing your independence.

Ride The Waves Of Cancer Into The New Moon On 9th July

July’s starting few weeks make up the majority of the 2021 Cancer Season. This means embracing summer’s warm comforts and searching for deeper connections emotionally.

On 9th July, the gentle energy of Cancer will culminate in the New Moon. At this time, the realm of the zodiac sign that is watery will see the moon and the sun connect.

This is summer’s first new moon. So it is perfect to give some to introspect and renew connections with those you love. You should try to honor the feelings within you while planting seeds seeking new adventures.

On 11th July, the vibes of Cancer will be heightened since Mercury, the mental planet will enter Cancer as well. This will make your method of thinking and communication much more sensitive. You will also find yourself working with much more compassion. However, be wary of being overly moody or taking things personally.

The Fiery Energy Of Leo Will Turn Up The Heat

Cancer season means accepting the softer sides much more. However, we will do this with much more confidence than usual. This is because Mars and Venus, the planets governing sex and love, will reside in Leo, the sign for glamour, for the majority of July.

On 13th July, the two planets have a conjunction aspect. This will be an inspiration for being bolder in how we chase our desires, as well as expressing more regarding our pleasure. Mars and Venus meet inside the zodiac only once in two years. Thus, expect flying sparks and glittering new starts in love.

The heat from the zodiac energy of Leo will be on full blast on 22nd July. This will bring joyful optimism and boost your confidence levels massively. At this time, embrace the superstar in you and chase down your passions.

On 23rd July, Aquarius’ Full Buck Moon Can Make Things Weird

Emotions will reach their climax on the full moon of July 2021 on 23rd July. This will be in contrast with Leo, asking us to think more from a collective perspective, no matter the group.

 Use this time to express the quirks which make you different in the crowd. Also, free yourself of self-consciousness which prevents you from having authentic connections with those around you.

On 28th July, another dose will be emanated. This time, along with the previous notions, we will also be inspired to rethink the personal belief systems.

Ground Yourself At July’s End

The primary energies dominating July are the emotional Cancer and the fiery Leo. But as the month comes to a close, you will be feeling more grounded. On 21st July and 28th July, Venus and Mars respectively will enter Virgo, an earth sign.

So we will become more methodical regarding our way of chasing goals. Romance will also be a bit more selective.

Make use of the combination of Leo’s confidence and practicality from Mars and Venus being in Virgo to refine plans for the rest of the year. Do not miss out on this cosmic moment.   

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