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September: A Month of Power & Turning Points According to Numerology

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by Conscious Reminder

In astrology, we consider September to be a turning point month as we are in the 6th zodiac sign or half way through the cycle of 12 zodiacs.

September also brings an Equinox, that heralds that start of a new season, and the start of a new cycle of energy for everyone.

September is a powerful month in numerology because it contains the vibration of the number 9.

The number 9 represents transitions and endings. It is the final stage before the start of a new cycle. It is also a very powerful number in terms of creation.

If you knew the magnificence of the three, six, and nine, you would have a key to the universe,” Nikola Tesla famously said.

We also feel the weight and lessons of our Personal Year Number the most in September. This is because September is the only month of the year when our Personal Year Number and Personal Month Number are the same.

Essentially, this means that the energies of September assist you in confronting the lessons, gifts, and challenges that you are destined to face this year based on your personal numerology.

This is so you can begin wrapping things up in preparation for the new lessons that the new year will bring.

Calculating Your Personal Year Number

  • Add your birth date, birth month, and the number 7 together (2023 is a number 7 year)
  • Reduce the digits by adding them together until you have a single number between 1-9.

For example for the birthday of December 29:

12 +29 +7

(Birth month + birth date + 7) = 48

Reduce down to a single-digit number by adding the digits together (you may have to do this more than once)

4+8= 12

Keep reducing down to a single digit

1+2= 3

3 is the Personal Year Number for 2023

Personal Year Number 1

It has undoubtedly been a year of new beginnings and changes for you, and your life has most likely taken a completely new turn. While there may be some uncertainty in your life, now is the time to plant seeds. Number 1 represents new beginnings, and while this energy is strong in your life, you can begin to consider what new beginnings you want to bring into it. This month, make a list of three or more things you want to see come true. They can be general or specific, but setting intentions can help you feel more directed and purposeful. It is always difficult to begin a new chapter, but keep taking steps forward, no matter how small. You can do it!

Personal Year Number 2

For you, this has been a year of contrasts. Perhaps you’ve been unsure of what you want, or perhaps you’ve been looking for a life or business partner. Meeting people in person may have been especially difficult this year, but see if you can adapt and be creative in how you connect with others. This month, feeling connected to the larger Universe and the world around you is also a power move for you. Can you cultivate sufficient stillness and awareness to feel One with everything? It may help to ground your energy in nature. If you’ve felt pulled in many directions this year, especially in matters of love or relationships, now is the time to slow down and go within to figure out what you really want.

Personal Year Number 3

You are being summoned to learn how to express yourself and communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly. If you have something on your chest or pent-up emotions, now is the time to work on releasing them. September’s energies will really help you let go and clear out any old emotions that are no longer serving you. This is also a very creative month, so use it to think outside the box and see your life from a different perspective. Consider any difficult areas of your life and how you can use your creative energy to see things in a new light.

Personal Year Number 4

This is the year to tie up loose ends, especially those related to the home and family. September may be the ideal month to heal old family wounds or to establish healthy boundaries if you feel taken advantage of. This is the time to deal with any lingering emotions, particularly those related to your family, living situation, or childhood. This month’s power move is to learn to love and connect with your inner child. This is also an excellent time to organize your living space and create a space that feels in sync with the energy you want to create in your life. Even clearing out old clutter can improve the energy in your home.

Personal Year Number 5

Many of your attitudes or beliefs may have shifted this year, and you may still be figuring out what comes next. September is a highly creative month for you, and it is the ideal time to think outside the box and try something new. In fact, changing your routine or finding a new way to do things can sometimes inspire you to learn new things and see things in a different light. This month, your perception is enhanced, so keep an open mind and see what comes your way. This month, meditate, journal, or engage in creative activities to help you channel any excess or stagnant energy. September may also bring you new love, so if you want to meet someone, put yourself out there.

Personal Year Number 6

This year has been one of rest and renewal for you. If you’re having problems with your health, it could be a sign that you need to slow down and reconsider your plans before moving forward. Despite the fact that there is a lot of change in the air, this is a good time to reflect and appreciate what you have. Allow yourself to take a back seat and simply enjoy the flow and direction of your life. If you’ve encountered difficulties this year, don’t expect to have everything figured out right away. Instead, try to relax and surrender, knowing that everything will work out in the end. September is also an excellent time to engage in activities that benefit your mind, body, and spirit, such as energy healing practices, meditation, or yoga.

Personal Year Number 7

This has been an active year for you, and you have most likely been very busy! If you want to advance in your career or with a personal project, September is a great month to put your plans into action. Just make sure you also take the time to go within and tend to your inner needs. You may have had a spiritual awakening this year, and the energy of September may be emphasizing this for you. You might feel extra sensitive, or you might have vivid dreams or intuitive insights. Shift out of your mind and into your heart under this energy; you never know what new wisdom it may offer you.

Personal Year Number 8

This has been a very transformative year for you, and you are likely to have gained a new appreciation for how strong and capable you are. You might have discovered new talents or gained more insight into the path you want to take. September is an excellent month for expanding your knowledge and maintaining your personal power. If something has been bothering you, now is the time to stand up for yourself and make your feelings known. With great power comes great responsibility, so you may find yourself needing to set new boundaries or take ownership of your life. September is also a good time to get your finances in order.

Personal Year Number 9

This has been a rollercoaster year for you; on the one hand, you have been called to welcome in the new while also being asked to clear out the old! This duality has most likely been perplexing at times, and you may not even know what is coming or going! When life seems to be pulling you in all directions, find your stillness and trust that you will be guided in the right direction. This month, try to let go of any control or worries about the future and surrender to the present moment. Keep your attention on the present moment and take small steps forward. Things will become clearer in due course; in the meantime, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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