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This Is How July’s Cancer New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

If June was a blur for you that was forcing you ahead and pulling you back at the same time, then you were not the only one.

But now summer’s first new moon is happening on 9th June, Friday. It is also located in Cancer. So expect an eye-opening, sweet, and welcome change.

Get ready for a lot of excitement and surprises. Here is how the different zodiacs will be affected by the July New Moon:


The July New Moon will be lighting up your home life’s fourth house. Along with that, your income’s second house will also be lit up. So the upcoming shake-ups will eventually turn out to be a good thing. Your sense of calmness, as well as security, will all be boosted.


The Cancer New Moon is activating your communication’s third house as well as your self’s first house. As a result, you will be inspired to find new ways of using your voice.


The July New Moon is going to stir up some action in your income’s second house. Your spirituality’s twelfth house will be seeing some action on this new moon. To make the most of this action, the key will be getting synchronized with your values and intuition.


The July New Moon will fall in your self’s first house. This means it is your once-in-a-year opportunity for taking hold of your individuality. It is also the annual chance to grasp the dreams that you want to chase in the future.

Moreover, the Cancer New Moon will also be activating your networking’s eleventh house. So you might find out that you can get there by using a little bit of assistance from your acquaintances.


The Cancer New Moon is falling in your spirituality’s twelfth house. So it is the time for self-reflection, rest, and recharging. Your image in the public might play a big part too since your career’s tenth house will be lit up as well.


This Cancer New Moon, your focus will lie on colleagues, friends, teams, and groups since your networking’s eleventh house will have the new moon. Moreover, your adventure’s ninth house will be activated as well. So you might find it very fulfilling to move outside your zone of comfort.


The July New Moon will light up your public image’s tenth house. So you may find a breakthrough regarding the next big goal. Your emotional bonds’ eighth house is also a factor this time. So joint resources and intimate relationships can propel you towards your success


Your adventure’s ninth house, as well as your partnership’s seventh house, will be activating this July’s new moon. So you may find it game-changing to be open towards personal change and growth. This will be even more important among your closest bonds.


The Cancer New Moon will be activating your emotional bonds’ eighth house as well as your house’s sixth house. So you may want to think about how your emotional and mental well-being is directly related to your close connections. You may need to change your course as well.


Your partnership’s seventh house, as well as your romance’s fifth house, will be the focus for the July New Moon. So the prime themes are reciprocity, relationships, and self-expression. Figure out your truest desires, and what you need to change for fulfilling them.


Your daily routine’s sixth house and your home life’s fourth house will be the place for the New Moon. So you will be focused on improving specific everyday habits that impact inner peace.


Your romance’s fifth house and your self-expression’s third house will be activated. So trust the artist within you, and let curiosity guide you.

At the end of the day, no matter your zodiac sign, this lunation will be turning up your daily life upside down.

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