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3 Healing Crystals Ideal For The Powerful Heart Chakra

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by Conscious Reminder

The Chakra of the Heart guides us towards receiving and giving unconditional love.

A balanced Heart Chakra lets us connect with others via compassion and empathy. We love and accept others and ourselves without having to change in any way.

The Heart Chakra may get blocked due to various reasons. Read on to find a few of them and the crystals that can balance as well as open the Chakra of the Heart. This Chakra has two associated colors – green and pink. Thus, usually, all crystals having these colors can heal our Chakra of the Heart.


This is a true crystal for the Chakra of the Heart. Its vibrations are incredibly compassionate and nurturing.

If you are lonely, and no longer have hope, then Rhodonite can help in bringing back joy. This crystal acts as a guide and lets us find self-love. In turn, this is essential for opening up a Chakra of the Heart that is blocked.

Often, the reason behind a blocked Heart Chakra can be unresolved trauma or unhealed wounds, like rejection or heartbreak. When we get extremely hurt, we usually clam up as a way of self-defense. This can also often make us keep acting like a victim.

Rhodonite serves as a reminder that we have to focus on self-acceptance and self-love to heal the Chakra of the Heart.


This is another crystal that is incredibly powerful for the Chakra of the Heart. Its energy is very down-to-earth and supportive. Thus, using this crystal helps in calming a nervous system that is too stressed as well as grounding us firmly.

The crystal stands for letting go and forgiveness. Regardless of the emotions we want to release, this crystal is a gentle guide that helps us accept others and ourselves.

The crystal also serves as a reminder that it is not necessary for our deepest scars to be healed for us to feel worth loving again. In fact, loving ourselves despite such wounds will let us find fulfillment and inner joy.

Emerald’s message is simple: the quicker we release chasing perfection, the better it will be.

Pink Opal

We are often advised to live from our hearts because we excessively live in our heads. This means that we run the risk of being emotionally distant when we live in our heads. We become calculative regarding situations rather than feeling them.

Pink Opal serves as a reminder that in some situations, it is crucial for us to feel. Without them, people become cold even if they are efficient, similar to robots.

Working with this crystal gives us a gentle nudge to express our emotions, rather than push them down. It gives us assurance that feeling things are ok.

Balancing And Opening The Chakra Of The Heart

Doing kindness selflessly or practicing gratitude are some ways of opening up a blocked Heart Chakra. There is nothing small enough for us to be grateful for. Here is one simple practice while meditating to help with balancing the Chakra of the Heart.

Sit in a quiet and comfortable place. Relax your mind and body, and take at least 3 deep breaths. Now hold a crystal for your Heart Chakra.

Imagine pink or green light rays emanating from your crystal and into your Heart Chakra. Feel the energy of nurture and love embrace you. Try extending this energy and cover all of Earth’s beings.

Now imagine your heart is a beautiful flower. Feel the flower’s petals open up while staying in this loving-kindness state. Then slowly open your eyes to focus on what is around you.

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