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If Two People Are Twin Flames, Will Universe Find A Way To Bring Them Together?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When two individuals are said to be twin flames, is the Universe going to find a specific way of bringing the two together?

Well, the Universe is going to find a particular way, because it is quite creative and powerful to bring them into proximity, setting the wheels in motion.

Specific events are going to be predestined, such as initial meetings; however, every one of us lives on the planet on which we all operate under our free will.

Then, we take it from right there, and they are going to course correct if we actually stray off the path too much.

In fact, the entire underlying point when it comes to a twin flame relationship would be to activate an awakening.

The whole process is more than the golden present of the physical reunion which we all seem to chase as a ‘gift.’

Actually, we are that gift, the planet and humanity gift; however, we are also here in order to serve bigger ideals just like this one.

This means that we don’t sit back relaxed and waiting for our Universe actually to bring us what we desire on a golden plate. If this “together” means relationship, then we have to do a lot of work in order to get to that “together.”

We are here to clear karma and negativity, and our shadows are personal, collective and ancestral.

Our Universe is going to assist us and give us all the needed encouragement and help on the way; however, we are here in order to commit ourselves to the process. It isn’t cruel but guides us to what we have to do.

This means that our Universe will not come in, saving us or making everything better.

We are here in order to discover who we are or operate as higher consciousness while inhabiting the body of a human and then we realize that we are actually here on the journey of our own mystery.

We are exceptionally creative beings, and we are first mastering our own egos, in that way spreading new visions of sacred love and not a romantic love based on earth which we all know here.

Such love recognizes that everyone and everything is connected, and there is no separation.

In fact, separation will create misunderstanding, anger, and hate, and this will happen in a much broader humanity context, not only in relationships.

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M March 8, 2022 - 9:14 pm

I really enjoyed your article thank you for the energy you put into your work and to share it.
Warm hug


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