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Superstitions, The Truth Behind Them & The Real Power They Hold

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by Conscious Reminder

In this uber scientific world, we know that superstitions are just some meaningless folklore that has no basis of truth behind them, except to scare the millennials into believing that something exists, which can’t be explained.

Well, that’s where we all are wrong. Superstitions are elements that have been proven to be scientific knowledge, simply because it is something that we have all come across, that we might have dismissed, only for it to be proven truth.

All of this come from the arcane world of witchcraft, and while that may have been lost to us forever, the knowledge still stays behind.

Knocking on Wood

Possibly the most common superstition is knocking on wood, when ill omen is present in words, or in person. We say the word “touchwood” to prevent ill luck from affecting us, while that may seem dubious, it has a history behind it.

The ancient times had priests knocking on trees, because the guardian angel of the trees, dryad, was someone who was adept at banishing ill omen. So, the next time you touch wood, please realize you are calling forth an ancient being.


Many of us hang garlics throughout the world, regardless of the difference in our culture or anything for the matter. It is because garlic is associated with the planet Mars, and is used to combat evil spirits. Also, it promotes good luck.

Mirrors That are Covered

Covering mirrors is an ancient custom that is still practiced because mirrors conjure up astral planes at night, and it is believed that on seeing them, we would get pushed back violently into our own material bodies, for our astral projections are scary.

Throwing Salt

It has been observed in many cultures, that people throw salt over their backs to ward off evil spirits from harming them. They usually throw it over their left shoulder, which is considered to be the place of the devil.

Witches have been said to carry salt with them, for emergency situations, which they then throw over their back, which helps them throw off evil spirits, or the left path in itself- said to be filled with temptation, and the art of seduction.

Finding The Four-Leaved Clover

Ireland has given the world a taste of its superstitious culture in the fom of the four-leaved clover. Supposed to be an element of good luck, and prosperity, people have been trying to find it for some time now. 

According to history, the four leaved clover is said to be an essential part of herbal magic, and like every other herbal element, it has been thought to be imbued with many other properties, that make it something, that could provide good luck.

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