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Tonight’s Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Is Bringing A Powerful Energy Shift

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by Conscious Reminder

Throughout November, the planet’s heat energy will be increasing. This month will be for aligning our heartbeat with Earth’s heartbeat.

The methods of doing so are: listening to your heart, spending time with nature, embracing all arising heart awakenings, as well as working with the Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus’ energies.

Eclipses are believed to be portals of awakening and transformation. They have a tendency of making destined events happen earlier, which helps in elevating our soul’s growth and evolution.

These awakenings and transformations may be sudden and quick. Or, they can be so slow that they linger for months. Eclipses hold a lot of power and can make things start moving in our lives.

They have a tendency of helping us burn the bridge, take a faithful leap, and bring us new insights.

The Beginning Of A New Cycle

The 19th November Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will be the first Eclipse in Taurus after 2014. It symbolizes the beginning of a fresh cycle of Eclipses which will be unfolding over the next few months.

Eclipses usually happen in pairs and fall in two zodiac signs that are opposite to each other. This one in Taurus will have its partner in Scorpio, whose influence will be felt through 2022.

As the cycle of Taurus/Scorpio eclipses is only starting in the cosmos, anything that manifests during the November Eclipse period will probably only be a chapter of a bigger story.

It might take time as well as some more of such Eclipses before we can understand what kind of growth our souls are experiencing via these manifestations.

To get a clue about what might be coming during the new cycle of Eclipses, try to think about the kind of soul growth that happened in 2013-14. This was the previous time the cycle of Taurus/Scorpio eclipses took place. What evolution happened back then?

Think about all the ways your life was changed in that period and how they were integrated into your being. Remembering what happened almost a decade ago may be tricky. So, for this cycle, start journaling the events.

Record the events, patterns, and themes that unfold during this time. Then it will be easier to look back when the cycle happens years later.

Unstable Things May Just Fall Completely

Collectively, the eclipse in November will highlight our relationships. This includes how we relate to others, ourselves, as well as money.

Venus, Taurus’ natural ruler, and our heart, love, and finances, are extremely active during this Eclipse. It also determines what we see as valuable and worthy. So all these themes potentially rise up and manifest during this period.

If any specific relationships have been tumultuous recently, then this Eclipse might push it to a climax. Since this is an Eclipse of the Moon, the chances are that everything that has been shaky will fall away.

We might also discover beliefs and attitudes that have so far been obstacles in forming more intimate and deeper connections with others as well as ourselves, crumble due to the Eclipse’s energy. This Eclipse will be ideal for working on self-love and self-worth.

You have been doing a lot better than what your mind is telling you, so remember to be kind towards yourself.

Remember all the successes and triumphs, and love yourself through everything that you have encountered on your path. Extending this love to yourself may just make it easier to do the same towards others.

It is noteworthy that Eclipses have a tendency of putting us in our rightful places, so trust the flow. Embrace this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus as a chance for getting to know a richer and deeper love.   

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